Jude Demorest is a full-length American artist. The talented actress is also a guitarist, songwriter, model, and in the past, due to her god-given talents, a force to be taken into account on the entertainment scene.

She is best known for her appearance in the American ‘Dallas’ soap opera and the musical drama ‘Star’ while her albums ‘Work from Home’ (2016) and ‘Down’ are co-written by the Fifth Harmony (2017).

Jude Demorest’s Age & Biography

Demorest was born on 11 March 1992 in Detroit, Michigan to Claire Jude Demorest, a rather religious family. She spent much of her day in the church, because of her family’s religiosity, singing and singing with her chorus, and dancing and dramatic work. It is because she lived and breathed as she grew up that she attributes her passion for the arts.

Not much of Demorest’s education history is known except that she went to the art school of her church. What middle or secondary school she attended and if she really had an academic education is unknown.

Jude Demorest announced at 16 that she would move to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a performer and/or singer. She has worked as a backup dancer and a singer while working as an extra at various events, to accomplish ends before her big break. she did a lot of strange jobs on her hands.

After some years, she was a successful music producer and executive L.A with Epic Records. Reid. Reid. She also got a spot on her performance in the short film “History of Made Up Things” (2009) in which she caught the attention of the heavy hitters in the industry and opened a door to appear in bigger productions.

She appeared in a 2010 episode of Jonas and then in ‘Hollywood Heights’ the same year as a groupie,’ in ‘The Ghastly Love of Johnny X’ (2012).

Her big break in 2014 came when she played an ongoing part in the ‘Dallas’ soap opera. She lasted six episodes until she killed her character on the show. Fast forward to 2016, after a couple of appearances on shows like ‘Bipolar’ and ‘The Middle’, Jude Demorest was cast by the multi-talented writer, director, and executive producer, Lee Daniels, following a nationwide search, in the FOX drama series, ‘Star’ as the lead character.

Jude Demorest has become a revelation on the show, charming audiences with her acting and beautiful personality.

Jude Demorest’s Ethnicity

Jude Demorest is American and unfortunately, that is the only thing known about her ethnicity. Her racial makeup and ethnic origins are not exactly clear but if her appearance is anything to go by, one can positively infer that she is of mixed-race ancestry.

There is a lesson to learn here because everything does not always seem as it appears. According to one of the creators of ‘Star’, Lee Daniels, Demorest is white. He made this known while clarifying his choice of using a white girl for the lead role in his series, saying that he deliberately wanted to paint a picture that will address racial relations in America.

Who are the parents of Jude Demorest?

As discussed under her ethnicity and biography, Jude Demorest’s family history, including the names of her parents, is not known. She has, however, in the past shared a picture on her Instagram account, which has above five hundred thousand followers, of her and her mother. The only other information we have of her mother is that she has fostered a good number of children in her life.

Jude Demorest’s  Husband

Jude Demorest is married to Joshua Coleman who is best known by his moniker, Ammo. The couple exchanged vows in June 2016 and have since that time maintained a very loving, respectful, and low-key relationship.

Ammo was born on the 4th of May 1987, which makes him five years older than his wife. The couple, who live together in the Los Angeles area, do not currently have any children.

Like Demorest, Ammo is also in the music business, however, a little bit more successful than his spouse as he has been a one-time Grammy Awards nominee.

As a music producer and songwriter, he has worked with big acts like Beyoncé, R. Kelly, Kesha, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Britney Spears, Jessie J, Jason Derulo amongst many others. Ammo and his wife have also worked together having most recently co-written a project for Fifth Harmony