Aaron Carter covers up his face tattoo of the name of his ex, Melanie Martin with a huge butterfly tattoo!

What do you do if you have tattooed the name of your ex on your body and have split? It is hard to erase the ink. Then what do you do? Do you continue to have the tattoo and old bad memories along with? Not necessarily. One can do what Aaron Carter did. He modified the tattoo having the name of his ex, Melanie Martin on right side of his face into a butterfly.

Aaron Carter shows of his new modified face tattoo

When singer Aaron Carter, 34 was dating Melanie Martin, he got her name tattooed on his face on the right hand side. But they split. The tattoo done earlier as a tribute to Melanie now used to remind me of his heartbreak. He found a way out of this pain and despair. He converted the tattoo name into a butterfly.


Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter shows his new butterfly tattoo. Aaron and Leslie (Source: Page Six)

Rapper Aaron put up s special post on his Instagram to show off this new modified tattoo to his friends and fans on social media. The new ink was the shape of a huge butterfly with blue wings. This ink is now spread over almost one quarter of his face. In the social media post, Aaron is pointing to the new tattoo with his little finger. He put below a long caption. It read:

Life is such a valuable learning lesson, IF you always it to be that.”

“this is my body and this tattoo by [Tattoo Mike] is to commemorate the passing of my sister Leslie Barbara Carter.”

Who was Leslie Carter?

Leslie Carter whose full name was Leslie Barbara Carter was the elder sister of Aaron. The two also have another brother called Nick Carter. Leslie was also a famous singer. She gained popularity in the early 2000s. But the game came fast but was short lived since she had a premature death in 2012 in the month of January. She was just 25 years old at that time. She had fallen sick when she was at her father’s house in New York. The illness took her life.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter with late sister Leslie (Source: Getty Images)

Aaron was devastated with her death. He further wrote on his Instagram post:

“I always wanted to make her proud,”

He added:

“Leslie I know you’re in paradise. I do feel you inside.”

Aaron called her an amazing person who was like his mother to him.

Aaron and his relationship with Melanie Martin

Singer Aaron came out as a bisexual person on 5 August 2017. But he admitted that he has dated only women until now. These included Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff. On 18 September 2006, he proposed to Kari Ann Peniche. But soon after, the two called off the engagement. They rekindled their romance in 2015.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter and Melanie (Source: US Weekly)

Aaron and Melanie went public with their romance in January 2020. She is a bartender and lash bar owner who was born in Bulgaria. They had a rough relationship with a lot of ups and downs. Melanie was pregnant with his child and in September 2021, she posted praises about him on her Instagram. In November 2021, she delivered their first baby. It was a son whom they named Prince. But a week after the child arrived, the two split. Later, she got a restraining order against him. Aaron was upset. Explaining the new tattoo, he wrote:

This is a coverup,”

“I will not allow my face to be with one who clearly hasn’t show she loves me it’s good. My heart heals fast.”

Short bio on Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter is an American rapper who is tattooed. More bio…