Is actress Hunter Schafer dating her Euphoria costar, Dominic Fike?

Is Euphoria star Hunter Schafer dating costar Dominic Fike? The couple was spotted in West Hollywood walking around while holding hands. This sparked rumors that they are involved in an off-screen romance too.

Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike: are they in love with each other?

On 16 January 2022, TV actor on Euphoria, Hunter Schafer was spotted with costar Dominic Fike in West Hollywood. The two were walking around looking hands. They had food at West Hollywood hotpot Nice Guy restaurant together and were exiting it holding hands. This led to rumors that the two are in a romantic relationship. Since how long they are dating? We do not know.

Hunter Schafer
Hunter Schafer with Dominic (Source: Radar Online)

Hunter was in a casual appearance. She was wearing a white hoodie underneath a black bomber jacket. Below she had worn a flowing patterned shorts. Complying with the covid guidelines, Hunter had covered her mouth and nose in a red face mask. Her feet were protected in a pair of her signature white sneakers. And on the other hand, Dominic was in a beige-and black striped sweater, black pants and black Doc Marten boots. He had no face mask on.

Rumors of the couple’s relationship

The couple’s new photograph of being together and holding hands points to the relationship and more or less confirms that they are seriously dating. But neither Hunter nor Dominic nor their reps confirmed that the two are seeing each other. Rumors of the couple’s off-screen dating has been going around for many weeks now on social media. One social media user had observed that the user had seen Hunter, 23 backstage during one of Dominic’s performance at a show. Another fan had revealed that the fan saw Hunter and Dominic dancing and kissing on another night at Nice Guy. The two were not alone. Their costars Jacob Elordi and Alexa Demie were with them that night.

Hunter Schafer
Dominic Fike (Source: The Guardian)

In the HBO series Euphoria Dominic joined in its second season. Singer Dominic plays the role of Elliot in it. And Hunter plays the character of Jules. Elliot meets Rue (played by Zendaya) on a New Year’s Eve party. He likes her and this creates a love triangle between him, Rue, and Jules.

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Hunter and her hint about their dating in an interview

Actress Hunter had given an interview to Harper’s Bazaar. It was the cover story of the magazine’s December/January issue. She had stated that life often imitates art of shows. She had said:

There’s a lot of me in Jules,”

“I do think blurred lines between an actor and a character make a deeper character.”

Hunter Schafer
Hunter Schafer (Source: Popbuzz)

In December, Hunter had also tweeted that she considers herself ‘bisexual, or pansexual or something’. Previously, Hunter was probably dating model Massima Desire. But neither Massima nor Hunter confirmed the rumors. On the other hand, Dominic, 26 was romantic involved with social media personality Shelby Tangorra and actress Diana Silvers.