Andy Hui

Andy Hui Chi-on is a popular Hong Kong singer and actor.

Andy Hui Chi-on is a popular Hong Kong singer and actor. He is considered as one of the most successful singers, an accomplished actor, and a better story writer in Hong Kong with an extensive list of Cantonese and Mandarin hits to his credit. He has been in news several times for his popularity in singing and for his personal life relationship & marriage with his long-term girlfriend Sammi Cheng, a Cantopop diva.

Andy Hui has been in the news headlines of several news outlets, newspapers, and magazines for being disrespectful and irresponsible to his wife, with whom he had been together for five long years, after he was caught intimating and canoodling with TVB actress and beauty pageant queen Jacqueline Wong in the backseat of a car following a party that Andy Hui and Jacqueline attended, as captured by a tv camera. On Tuesday evening, 16th April, Andy Hui apologized tearfully to the public and his wife for his error. This news has grown into the week’s biggest scandal.

What is Andy Hui’s Claim to Fame?

– One of the most talented and famous actors and singers of all time.

– Selected as the fifth annual “New Talent Singing Awards” first runner-up.

Andy Hui Apologizes to his Wife for Adultery

One of the big controversies of the last few weeks, which totally diverted focus away from “Games Of Thrones” and other urgent global issues, is the scandal involving Andy Hui’s affair with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong. This news has risen to prominence as one of the most significant scandals that no one could have imagined. Andy Hui was caught intimating and canoodling with Wong in the backseat of the car, resulting in extensive media coverage for Hui. Hui was married to Sammi Cheng at the time of the incident, and Jacqueline Wong was in a stable relationship with successful actor Kenneth Ma. The incident was filmed and registered by the taxi’s in-vehicle camera as they traveled approximately 20 minutes to Wong’s home. The driver who allegedly sold the incriminating video of a 16-minute clip showing the pair embracing, kissing, and touching reportedly earned a substantial sum of money totaling approximately HKD 400,000 (approximately $70,000).

Andy and Jacqueline are now rumored to have been having an affair for two years. Andy subsequently issued a tearful public apology on Tuesday evening (16th April 2019), describing himself as a “broken man” and claiming he was intoxicated that night but admitting alcohol was not an excuse for his conduct. He apologised to his wife Sammi and confirmed that he would be suspending all work obligations in order to explore his true self.

Jacqueline also apologised, adding that she regretted making that error and would never dare to seek forgiveness for what she had done.

Andy Hui was born in which country?

Andy Hui Chi-on was born in British Hong Kong on 12 August 1967. He had little interest in the celebrity family history, but through his perseverance and commitment to his career, he established himself as one of the most talented and influential singers and actors of all time. Andy Hui’s father, Hui Ming-Kwan, permitted him to pursue his career. Additionally, no specifics have been added yet. Leo is his zodiac sign.


Andy Hui began his journey into the world of talent and fashion, where he encountered numerous setbacks and high points, where he encountered both success and disappointment but ensured that his name would be etched in the annals of talent and capability. Andy Hui began his career as a runner-up in the fifth annual “New Talent Singing Awards” in 1986, the first time he entered the singing world. His first music contract was signed in 1986, and his singing career peaked in 2001 when he was named “Most Favorite Male Singer.” This award catapulted Hui to the upper echelons of the celebrity world, where he rapidly became the most famous and beloved of females. Additionally, he has starred in over 25 films, including Girls Without Tomorrow (1992), First Shot (1993), Future Cops (1993), Cop Image (1994), and Happy Hour (1995). Andy Hui has a lengthy list of Cantonese and Mandarin chart-topping singles to his credit, as well as albums such as “Faith With Heart,” “Wo Hai Neng Ai Shei,” and others. He has also appeared in television shows such as “The Monkey King: Search for the Sutra,” “Silence,” and others. Though his success peaked around the turn of the century, he continued to release new music on a consistent basis even as his stardom waned.

Along with his Cantopop work, he continued to work as an actor starting in the early 1990s. At times, especially in his later years, his leading roles appeared to overshadow his musical success.

Hui was dubbed one of the “New Four Heavenly Kings” in 2004 by Alan Tam, alongside Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, and Edmond Leung, to replace the formerly illustrious Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, and Leon Lai.

Andy Hui was named one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” in October 2005, recognizing his dedication to his music and film careers as well as his exceptional contribution to the community.

Who is Andy Hui’s Wife?

Andy Hui, 51, was in a 27-year relationship with Cantopop diva (Heavenly Queen) Sammi Cheng. Andy Hui proposed to her approximately seven times before eventually asking her to marry him.

He had previously attempted to propose to Sammi in a number of settings—at a New Year’s Eve party, a Christmas party, and a Valentine’s Day party—and allegedly even attempted to play it down by casually asking her while the couple was on vacation—but Sammi had refused his previous attempts. And on Sammi’s birthday, he surprised her by kneeling down with a diamond ring (3 carats) and proposing, which prompted her to say yes. The couple married in November 2013 in Bali. Andy’s best friends are the members of his Big Four Band: Dicky Cheung, William So, and Edmond Leung. Andy and Sammi arranged a small destination wedding with only ten close friends and family members in attendance. Andy had a wonderful time with Sammi during their five years of marriage; they had no children, but Andy was recently in the news for cheating on Sammi with TVB actress and former beauty pageant contestant Jacqueline Wong, as they were photographed and filmed together and having physical intimacies. In 2017, when Andy performed in Macau, Jacqueline traveled there specifically to show her support; she even shared a selfie with Andy. Andy Hui is having one of those horrific, terrible, no good, very bad days after cheating on his partner, whom he proposed to seven times.

Andy made an emotional confession, describing himself as a “damaged guy.”

What are Andy Hui’s Body Dimensions?

Andy Hui is 1.75m tall. He has a lean physique. He has taken excellent care of his body. His other body dimensions are not available at the moment.

How much money is Andy Hui worth?

He is China’s most celebrated actor and artist, with a lengthy list of Cantonese and Mandarin hit songs to his name. He has achieved much success in his life through his singing and acting careers, having appeared in approximately 25 films.

He is one of the most well-known actors, with a net worth of approximately $ 9 million.

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