Ang Rita Sherpa

Ang Rita Sherpa was a popular Nepali mountaineer. Sherpa nicknamed as the “Snow Leopard” climbed Mount Everest (named Sagarmatha in Nepal), the highest peak in the world, ten times without the use of supplemental oxygen. While doing so, he set several records as well. He set the world record for the most number of successful ascents of Mount Everest. He is the first person to climb mountain Everest 10 times. His record of the ten climbs of Mount Everest was later broken. He has also set the record for most numbers of successful climbs on Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen. His record for most climbs without supplementary oxygen has yet to be broken. He retired from mountaineering in 1996 after he fell ill. He has been honored with the Order of Gorkha Dakshina Bahu and the Order of Tri Shakti Patta.

Sherpa died in Kathmandu, Nepal, on September 21, 2020. At the age of 72, he passed away.

What makes Ang Rita Sherpa so well-known?

Ten times I ascended Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.

Everest Record-Breaker Ang Rita Sherpa passes away at the age of 72.

On September 21, 2020, Ang Rita Sherpa, also known as “Snow Leopard,” passed away. Sherpa holds the record for climbing Mount Everest ten times without using bottled oxygen and is the first person to do so. Sherpa, the legendary mountaineer, died in Kathmandu, Nepal, at the age of 72. On September 23, 2020, he will be laid to rest according to Buddhist customs.

Where did Ang Rita Sherpa get her start?

In 1948, Ang Rita Sherpa was born. Thame, Solukhumbu, Nepal is where he was born. He was a Nepalese citizen. His parents’ information will be changed shortly. Yaks were raised by his relatives. He grew up caring for yaks and later served as a porter on Himalayan trade expeditions to Tibet. He belonged to the Buddhist faith.

Ang Rita Sherpa’s Professional Life

Ang Rita Sherpa started mountaineering as a porter at the age of 15.

Mount Cho Oyu was his first successful climb. He made his first successful climb when he was 20 years old.

Sherpa successfully summited most of the world’s highest peaks without the use of oxygen.

Mount Everest, K2, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Manaslu, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri were among the peaks he conquered.

On May 7, 1983, he became the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

He climbed the eight-thousander 18 times in all, almost all of them without oxygen. The fourteen mountains that rise above 8,000 meters are known as the eight-thousanders.

When he summited Everest on December 22, 1987, he became the first person to do so without supplemental oxygen.

He finally climbed Mount Everest ten times without using bottled oxygen.

He also holds the record for becoming the first individual to climb Everest ten times. Later, the record was smashed.

In 2017, Guinness World Records honored him as the world’s only person to climb Mount Everest ten times without using bottled oxygen. As of 2020, his record has not been broken.

His most recent summit was 12 days after the Everest tragedy in 1996.

On May 23, 1996, he reached the summit of Mount Everest for the last time.

Due to health problems, he retired from mountaineering in 1996. He became ill as a result of a liver problem that he had for the remainder of his life. King Birendra, according to his family, had sent Crown Prince Dipendra to express his request that Sherpa retire from mountaineering due to his declining health.

Following the visit of the Crown Prince in 1996, he quit mountaineering.

Ang Rita Sherpa is the recipient of the Ang Rita Sherpa Award.

The Order of Gorkha Dakshina Bahu was conferred upon him.

The Order of Tri Shakti Patta was conferred upon him.

Sherpa Family Ang Rita

Ang Rita Sherpa was a devoted husband and father. He was the father of three sons and a daughter. Karsang, his eldest son, was also a mountaineer. In 2012, Karsang died while on an expedition. Chhewang, his second son, is a mountaineer who has climbed Mount Everest five times. His wife died in 2013, following the death of his first son in 2012. He had been living in Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal, with his daughter.

Death of Ang Rita Sherpa

Angry In 1996, Rita Sherpa became ill with a liver condition. He then came to a halt in his mountaineering. About 2015-16, he suffered a stroke. He had been residing in Kathmandu with his daughter. Sherpa died on September 21, 2020, about 10 a.m. At the age of 72, he passed away.

KP Sharma Oli, Nepal’s current Prime Minister, shared his condolences on Twitter. Sherpa’s body is being held in a monastery in Kathmandu, and his funeral is planned for September 23, 2020.

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