Angelina Jolie searching for a house in Costa Rica! Why? Is she dating singer The Weeknd?

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie divorced her husband Brad Pitt in 2016. She wanted sole custody of her kids: three adopted and three biological with Brad Pitt. Now she has some plans up her sleeve. She wants to take her children far away from the USA to Costa Rica so that they are away from Brad. This would be her revenge with her ex-husband, Brad.

Angelina Jolie looking out for home purchase in Costa Rica

Globe magazine has reported that Hollywood influential star, Angelina Jolie is determined to take her 6 children away from their father and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. She is waiting to take revenge on him. Therefore, Angelina is hunting for houses in foreign destinations where she could migrate and shift her children permanently away from Brad.

Angelina celebrated her New Year 2022 in Costa Rica. It is stated that she is looking out to buy a beach front property on that land. An unnamed source revealed:

They all have loved Costa Rica – having some property there would be great. She already has the family home in Cambodia. And she’s still in the process of building their home in Africa. She’s also planning to purchase something in France and is counting the days until they can all move out of L.A. for good.”

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie and her kids (Source: Daily News Day)

Reason for this faraway home

Angelina and Brad have split. The reason was Brad’s drug and alcohol addiction that Angelina thought was having a negative effect on his relations with their kids. She desires to take her kids far away from Brad. This desire plays a major role in her choice of purchase of a new home. Also, even before her split from Brad in 2016, Angelina had expressed that she loves a nomadic life. Hence, this is another reason for her choice of Costa Rica for a home.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie (Source: Wikipedia)

Ever since the shocking split, Angelina has been striving to gain full custody of her kids. She has been painting Brad in bad light. She has been showing that he is an alcoholic and an unfit dad. Angelina had stated that Brad had fought with Maddox, 15 on a private air plane. A state investigation was started and Brad was cleared of these charges. The insider revealed:

“[Angelina is] desperate to move out of L.A. with the kids. She doesn’t think it’s a good place for them to grown up. It’s always been her dream to give her kids an international upbringing.”

Maddox and Pax are legally adults now. So the custody fight is with respect to their remaining four children: Knox, Vivienne, Shiloh and Zahara. Brad has emphasized that these four should remain in California so that he could meet them regularly.

Is Angelina dating rapper The Weeknd?

There are rumors afloat that Angelina is dating rapper The Weeknd. An insider has said that the rapper is making his rumored girlfriend feel sexy. The source disclosed:

“Angie’s enjoying herself and finds Abel good company. Their cozy dinners and date nights have given her real spring in her step. Since all the divorce drama with Brad [Pitt], Angie was worried she’d never be capable of dating. But Abel’s made her feel sexy and alive again.”

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie with The Weeknd (Source: People)

The couple’s first meeting happened in summer due to a common charity project. The singer wants to go ahead and have a serious relationship with Angelina. Angelina too likes the attention and had dinner and wine with him. But there is neither a confirmation nor denial of these rumors from either party.

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