Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a world-famous German-born Jewish diarist. She was popularly known for her writing, "The Diary of a Young Girl", which is one of the world's best books ever.

Anne Frank was a world-famous German-born Jewish diarist. She was popularly known for her writing, “The Diary of a Young Girl”, which is one of the world’s best books ever. The book describes the short life of Anna and her family, their hiding struggle from the Nazis during the World War II-era, but speaks the heart of million.

What was Anne Frank famous for?

  • Famous as a young author of the world’s one of the best books, “The Diary of a young girl”.


  • Anne Frank was believed to have died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen in March 1945 however, it has also been said that she might have died in February.
  • Her diary also had two hidden pages filled with “Dirty Jokes” and “Sexual Assault”.
  • Frank has inspired millions of people even after her death. Her previous house has turned out to a museum in her honor.

When was Anne Frank born?

Anne Frank was born on 12th June 1929 in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. Her birth name was Anne Marie Frank. German was her nationality. Her ethnicity was Jewish. Gemini was her zodiac sign.

She was born in a typical upper-middle-class German-Jewish family. She was born to Otto Frank(father) and Edith Frank(mother). Her father Otto was a lieutenant in the German army during World War I  and he was the only member of his family who survived the concentration camps.

She also had an elder sister, Margot Frank who also died due to the epidemic.

Frank at the age of 5 moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands along with her family during the Second World War to escape from the Nazis. So, she spent most of her life here in Amsterdam.

She was just 13 when she and her family went into hiding.

The family used to live in an apartment block on the Merwedepleinin, Amsterdam till 1942 before they hid. And today the same house has been turned into a museum as a part of the legacy of the 15-year-old child.

Anne Was Victimized by the Nazi during World War II?

  • Anne Frank has always been taken as one of the major victims of World war II. Out of eight Jewish people seized, seven of them died before the Holocaust was over, including Anne.
  • Frank along with her family had to left their hometown during those days back in World War II and had to hide from the Nazi regime.
  • For two years the Franks lived along with eight other people in the hiding place: her parents, sister, a dentist, and the van Pels family.
  • The hidden place was in a secret annex at the back of Mr. Frank’s business premises on Prinsengracht Street. Their living space was hidden by a movable bookshelf.
  • There they lived during the German occupation, from July 9, 1942, to August 4, 1944.
  • The worst happened on a summer day in 1944, when German investigators and officers raided and caught them in their secret world behind a movable bookcase and made arrests on August 4, 1944.  The capture was done so unknowingly that no one could ever think of it.
  • It was also believed that the family was betrayed by a Gestapo collaborator. However, there are few investigations that claim that their discovery was carried out casually since the agents were investigating crimes of illegal employment in the building.

The Diary of a Young Girl: Struggle Story?

The world-famous book, “The Diary of a Young Girl” was published back in 1947. The author of the book was the teenager Anne Frank who unfortunately died before the book was published.

Otto Frank, the father of Anne was the one who published the book and took her hidden talent to the worldwide stage.

Anne Frank started to write a diary about her life after her parents gifted her a diary on her 13th birthday on June 12, 1942. She wrote her first entry, addressed to an imaginary friend named Kitty, that same day.

Anne also had described her fear of living hidden for years, her rising feelings for Peter, her conflicts with her parents, and her vocation as a writer in the diary. A few months before being discovered, she began to rewrite her diary with the idea of ​​publishing it after the war.

Her diary has noted about her brief life, but her voice has echoed through the decades from the pages of her Also the act of writing allowed Frank to maintain her sanity and her spirits.

The Diary is not just a historical document, it was actually a fine literary work of art. Each aspiring page of her diary is essentially a story of faith, hope, and love in the face of hate.

It was since then it has been translated into many languages, from its original Dutch.  It was first published in English in 1952, which has sold around 30 million copies to date.

Anne was one of the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust but she speaks for so many through the power of her writing.

Her diary has inspired many people all around the world including the group of Israeli rabbis who have launched an “Anne Frank-inspired” activist program to protect African asylum seekers facing forced expulsion from their homes.

However, in May 2018, two hidden pages of the diary were uncovered by the researchers that contained “dirty jokes” and “sexual matters,” which the teen covered with pasted brown paper.

“I sometimes imagine that someone might come to me and ask me to inform him about sexual matters,” Frank wrote in Dutch. “How would I go about it?”

Death of Anne Frank

  • The writer and diarist, Anne Frank, unfortunately, died at the age of 15 at Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany. It was just a few weeks before British soldiers liberated the camp on 15 April 1945.
  • However, the research in 2015 indicated that Anne along with her sister may have died as early as February 1945 than in March.
  • As per the other evidence, it was recalled that the Franks showed typhus symptoms by 7 February, and according to Dutch health authorities, the most untreated typhus victims died within 12 days of their first symptoms.
  • After liberation, the camp was burned in an effort to prevent further spread of disease; the sisters were buried in a mass grave.

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