Who is Autumn Calabrese? Know About Autumn Calabrese: Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Relationship With Ex-Husband

Recently, the perception of physical fitness has increased and one of the many ways in which people stay safe and strive to preserve their youngness is through their practice.

This increase in the desire to become safe and fit created the demand for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who found a way to get into this thrill. One of those is the autumn Calabrese fitness coach. Continue reading below to learn more about her life.

Autumn Calabrese’s Age, Education, Early Life

Autumn Calabrese was born on 23 September 1980. Her parents’ names are not established as she wanted to keep them like that but was born in Cleveland, Ohio. There is no information about her upbringing but she is Bobby Calabrese’s younger sister, and she also has an elderly sister named Kelli. She is also in fitness.

The high school she attended is also something that she is not identified by the press, but she was known to attend Webster University in Missouri for her university education.

Autumn Calabrese took a dance class at Webster, but her career in dancing was thundered by an injury in her senior year – a bulging disk in her lower backbone. She was unable to dance for up to six to eight hours a day, and so she quit school and decided to move to California.

The explanation behind her decision was because she really wanted to be an actress and because she could not dance, she would try to act. According to Calabrese, the career in acting was going reasonably well, but it could not replace dancing which was something she had always wanted to do.

Calabrese even left and waited, but it still wasn’t necessary. She earned certification in physical fitness because of this disappointment. Calabrese began working on a website, wrote fitness tips, and even created training videos.

This led her to develop a meal plan for customers with weight loss; she saw just how critical the weight loss management process is. The meal plan introduced her to the health-focused Beachbody business. One of the best thing they ever brought out is their 21-day fitness plan with the meal serving control.

Autumn Calabrese’s Journey

The journey of Calabrese to the stage where she is in the world of fitness at the moment was followed by disappointment but also resilience.

She owns a YouTube channel right now and she has an overwhelming amount of users on Instagram who are eager to use her software because it has created a lot of positive results.

The 21-Day Fix, which is what she calls the legendary method, is not the only popular fitness routine that has earned her fame, it was, however, the number one requested routine from Beachbody in 2015 and 2016 and holds the most views on the website in those two years.

She is popular among many other tried and validated fitness routines for 80-day obsession, 21-day Fix Serious, Hammer and Chisel, and Country Heat.

Autumn Calabrese’s trick to losing weight effectively goes hand in hand with portion control; this combination has led to her writing a book called, Fixate which helps with portion control and meal planning. The book is the base of their Fixate Cooking Program show, in which Bobby, their brother, has been a visitor many times.

Autumn Calabrese’s Relation With Her Ex-Husband

This fitness instructor, who won renown for her work, was married, but the union has ended for a while. The two had a child together, a boy named Dominic. He had married the restaurant manager, who was little to nothing is known about. Their son was included in several of her media posts and she spoke about how difficult her work and pregnancy are to juggle.

How Much Does Autumn Calabrese Earn?

Autumn Calabrese has found an unconventional way to create wealth, but more importantly, she dedicated herself to being the best in a profession she really enjoys. This hard work is worth an estimated 9 million dollars in net value. Thus, it is not difficult to name her a good rich woman.