Avery Shoaf

Avery Shoaf is a Canadian TV personality known for his appearance on Netflix’s car restoration reality show, Rust Valley Restorers. Shoaf passion for cars along with the amazing restoration work he and his friend Mike Hall do on the reality show has earned Avery a large number of fans.

When was Avery Shoaf born?

Avery Shoaf has remained very private about his personal life and has so his personal details are a subject of mystery. Though his appearance suggests that he is in his mid-50s, his actual age is not known. However, we do know that his nationality is Candian and that he is a native of Shuswap, British Columbia.

Avery’s upbringing is also shrouded in mystery and nothing of his parents or possible siblings is known as of now.

Similarly, his education remains a mystery. But judging from what we have seen of him on Rust Valley its safe to say that he has graduated high school at least.

How did Avery Shoaf build his career?

Although Avery is currently a TV personality and things are going well for him, this wasn’t always the case. Avery never intended to end up on TV and was just happy restoring cars. He even built his own restoration shop but sadly it ended up as a business failure. Avery needed another way to make up for his losses and as a result, turned to television, in Rust Valley Restorers.

This turned out to be a win-win for Shoaf as he still does what he loves; restoring cars; while earning a large amount of money. Avery is a big car enthusiast and his passion can be clearly seen in the reality show. This has made him popular with his fans. Shoaf has spent half his life restoring cars and so is very skilled as a restorer. He has demonstrated his skills in various instances in the show.

Shoaf appears alongside his best friend Mike Hall on the show. As he is satisfied with what he is doing and doesn’t have a particular interest in TV, it is not likely that we will see him anywhere else.

What is Avery Shoaf’s net worth?

As of 2020, Avery Shoaf has a net worth which is in the range of 100k to 1 million U.S. dollars. He has not revealed his salary and its pretty hard to estimate because he earns money from restoring cars as well as the reality show, Rust Valley Restorers.

Is Avery Shoaf married?

Avery is currently married and has a son. He posts his wife and son in his Instagram but has not revealed his wife’s name. Still, we managed to find out that his son is a young man with the name of Shafin Shoaf.

What are the physical statistics of Avery Shoaf?

The details on Avery’s physical statistics are also shrouded in mystery. Still, we know for a fact that his height is over 5 feet 4 inches and that he has long hair with brown eyes. His weight is not known but he is a big man for his height.

Social Media Presence

Avery is only active on Instagram. He shares various updates on his private and professional life on the platforms and as of 2020, he has amassed over 66k followers on Instagram.

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