Beth Mugo, senator pays an eulogy tribute to her late husband, Nicholas Mugo who died of bone cancer complications on 3 February 2022!

Senator Beth Mugo had a happy married life with her late husband, Nicholas Mugo. Nick expired on 3 February 2022. Beth says that after his retirement, he played the second fiddle in her life and inspired her to do business.

Beth Mugo and her late husband, Nicholas Mugo

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The wife of former ambassador, Nicholas Mugo, Beth Mugo recalls her happy days with her husband. He was extremely supportive of her and encouraged her to do things that she liked. Nicholas died at his age of 86 at a Nairobi hospital. Doctors diagnosed bone cancer in him in 2021. He was treated on his home turf as well as in Germany but succumbed to its complications on 3 February 2022.

Beth Mugo
Beth Mugo and her late husband, Nicholas Mugo during their 61st wedding anniversary (Source: The Informer)

The couple was married for 63 lovely years and had cut a cake in Nairobi in Kenya at their 61st wedding anniversary. Nicholas had served several diplomatic postings worldwide and completed his job successfully a few years back.

Beth talks about Nicholas

The nominated senator, Beth Mugo recalled how after they returned to Nairobi, a group of businesswomen approached Beth and requested her to lead their business and guide her. Beth answered in the negative. She stated that after completing their global job as a family, she wanted to settle down properly and not do anything.

Beth Mugo
Beth Mugo with her husband Nicholas who supported her after his global diplomatic work (Source: The Star)

But her husband, Nicholas encouraged her. He supported her fully and said:

“…Beth just accept. You are capable and I will support in every way.”

Nicholas wanted his wife to take on leadership roles since he felt that she had all the potential for it. What he told her is worthy. Nicholas explained to Beth that for 10 years, she had accompanied her wherever he was posted and played second fiddle to him. He added that it was now his turn to step back and play second fiddle as she takes up her leadership jobs. Ever since then Beth has never looked back.

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Beth and her career

Beth has climbed the ladders of success. She successfully handled her leadership roles in various ventures. Eventually, in 1997, Beth entered into elective politics. Beth attributes all her success to her husband. She states that he was the power and motivation behind her. That helped her to be in the limelight for such a long period. In her eulogy tribute, she said:

…it is you Nick who encouraged me to join politics and other leadership positions. When women leaders of the Kenya Business and Professional Women Club visited our home requesting for my leadership, I said ‘no’ because we had just come back to the country from foreign service. I thought it was time to resettle back in the country after along absence in foreign service,”

Beth Mugo
Kenyan senator Beth Mugo (Source: Capital News)

In 2014, Nicholas had prostate cancer and after treatment in Kenya and USA, he recovered.