At Present, What Are The Members of Boy Story Doing? Know All Information About The Boys

Somehow there are boy bands that are still really interesting for people. Based on this, the same passion has been experienced by K-pop bands. One of the bands currently in rage is Boy Story, the brainchild of the Tencent Music Entertainment Agency, JYP Entertainment, and a Chinese Hip-hop band.

The group’s six members are very young but their age makes their skills even more praiseworthy. On September 1, 2017, their first single, How Old R U, was released. In September 2018, the album, Enough, was released officially.

It is only natural that the new members should start to be scrutinized by the general public after their rise to fame.

Fortunately, there are a handful of details about them and some of them have encouraged many to investigate the personal dimensions of their personal lives. Here is some detail about the new Boy Story participants and their respective ages.

Where are the Members Of Boy Story?

Hanyu Hanover

Although it doubles like his nickname, Hanyu is his name on stage. Jia Hanyu was born in Henan, China, on May 20, 2004, but it is also called Korean by Ka Ham-yeo. The young man is regarded as the leading member of the community and is given the nickname of ‘professional kindergarten.’

Hanyu also has to look after the other members of the band in circumstances in which they are to. An interesting thing about him, despite being a public figure, is that he is very reserved about people.


Zihao, Boy Story’s lead rapper, is not just the lead dancer. Born in Tianjin (China), Li Zihao was born on 22 October 2004. Dancing has always been part of his life since he was 8 years old. There’s no kind of which he can’t dance, from hip hop to urban dance in his pouch. Not just that, Zihao plays guitar very well, too. He does the guitar quite well with him. Some party members and local people refer to him as Uncle Li, Qi Qi.

Long Xin

Although its stage name is Xin Long, He Xin Long was born in Taiyuan, China on 11 March 2005. He’s the vocalist and Boy Story, the band’s dancer. Justin Bieber is one of his musical influences, and at B-boying and beatbox, he is very skillful. It is a really fascinating fact that he’s a fitness buff. While he’s pretty young, he has stellar abs.


Yu Zeyu was founded in Tianjin, China on 24 December 2005. Over and beyond that and Zeyu’s stage name, its Korean name is Yoo Seok-woo. He has trained the most time compared to all the other trainees. He began as a dancer and then got vocal training. Besides his time with the famous Boy Story band, Zeyu lives an introverted life.

Rui Ming

A common theme among members of this group is the use of surnames as a stage name. Gou Ming Rui was born in Chengdu, China, on August 28, 2006. The Korean name Kwak Myeong-ye is also his name. He has the shortest duration of training among all the members of the band. However, this did not hinder his talents when he discovers that his dance is going quite quickly. The funny thing about him is that he eats plenty and his hot pot is his favorite meal.

The Lord’s Edge

Ren Shuyang was born in Pingyao (China) last but not least on April 27, 2007. He has the coolest surname in the band, as he typically is named Yang Yang. Michael Jackson is one of his main musical influences and is excellent at dancing locking.

One extremely curious thing about him is that when he’s at school he’s sometimes mistaken for a female.