Carrie Johnson apologizes for her embracing a friend at an engagement party in September 2020! Will Boris Johnson resign?

More additions are coming everyday into the Partygate scandal reports. This could build pressure on the current PM of the UK, Boris Johnson and force him to resign. The scandal reveals that Boris Johnson and his team were holding several parties in and around Downing Street at the time strict covid rules were in place.

Partygate scandal of Boris Johnson

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Every day, revelations are emerging in the pictorial form that show that Boris Johnson and his group of ministers were holding parties in and around Downing Street area at the time when strict covid measures were supposed to be in place. Were the rules only for the poor general public? Were the rules not for the Prime Minister, his family, and his ministers. The photos show that Boris Johnson has behaved irresponsibly at the time when he should have been following what he was telling g others to do. He should have set an example for his country citizens by strictly adhering to the rules laid down. But he did not. It is shameful and on this basis, people want him to resign.

Carrie Johnson
Carrie Johnson with Boris (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Six Tory MPs have demanded his resignation but he has yet not complied. He wants to see how things go and what he can do to avoid his resignation. But the pressure is piling up!!! His own cabinet is with him but many have lost enthusiasm due to these recent revelations.

Carrie Johnson and her lapse of judgment

A photograph has emerged where Carrie Johnson, the wife of Boris Johnson is seen hugging a friend during an engagement party. The photograph was taken on 17 September 2020 and was at a social event at The Conduit, a private members’ club in Covent Garden. The Sunday Telegraph published this photo in its online newspaper for everyone to see. In it, Carrie had wrapped her arm around Anna Pinder. The two are laughing sitting on the sofa of the outdoor terrace of the place. At that time, the rule of six was applicable which meant that no one can gather in more than 6 in number.

Carrie Johnson
Carrie Johnson with Anna Pinder (Source: The Telegraph)

After this photo emerged, a spokeswoman for Carrie said:

“Mrs Johnson was one of a group of six seated outside celebrating a friend’s engagement.

“Mrs Johnson regrets the momentary lapse in judgement in briefly hugging her friend for a photograph.”

Other photos dated 15 May 2020 also show Carrie sitting with Boris and Mr. Reynolds in No.10 garden. There is also news that for the 20 May 2020 bring your own booze event, Carrie was present.

Will Boris resign?

The demand for resignation of Boris is mounting. But defenders of Boris do not want to answer any questions related to it. They are telling people to wait for the report of Sue Gray to decide further.

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has made an election promise that he and his government would behave and work with integrity. He added that if brought back to power, they would restore the lost trust in the government. He wrote in The Sunday Mirror:

The Prime Minister’s actions, and his inability to take any responsibility for them, means he can no longer do his basic duties.

“In the public interest, he should resign.”

Carrie Johnson
Boris (Source: Liverpool world)

Opinium did a survey: Labour got 41% vote share and was 10 points ahead of Conservatives which had 31%. Two-thirds surveyed said that he should step down. His ratings have dropped drastically over this weekend. Boris may be forced to bow down and buckle out with the rising pressure.