Get All Details About America’s Top Women Comedian Chelsea Handler: Age, Parents, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Relationships

Chelsea Handler is one of the top women comedians in America. She is also an activist, actress, writer, host of TV, and producer. Even with things that are very personal she is known to be very outspoken. Handler revealed that she had an abortion when she was 16 twice in separate interviews with The New York Times.

She has written five books, four of which are number one in the New York Times Best Seller List. In 2010, Forbes Celebrity 100 took 98th place and in 2012, it was named one of the Times 100 most influential individuals in the world. Continue to read to find out more about this lovely lady.

Chelsea Handler’s Age, Parents, Career Journey

The multi-talented lady, born on 25 February 1975, is the last of six children (three girls and Trois boys) born of Rita and Seymour Handler in Livingston, New Jersey as Chelsea Joy Handler. Her mother, who was a homemaker in Germany, was born in 1958 and moved to the USA. Her husband, an auto-user dealer, was a Mormon, while she is a Jewish Ashkenazi.

Chelsea Handler lost her eldest brother at the age of 9, who was 21 in a walking accident, and her mother died after a long fight with cancer in 2006.

She moved to Los Angeles, California at 19, with her aunt in Bel-Air from New Jersey. During her career in acting, she worked as a waitress to look after herself. She was born after she had told her story about driving a class of other offenders to influence her who found it funny.

Chelsea Handler was part of the Girls Behaving Badly TV series which was broadcast between 2002 and 2005. She also performed on several other television programs such as The D.L. Weekends, The Bernie Mac Show, My Wife, and Children and Practice. She was an NBC’s Tonight Show correspondent and regular MSNBC’s Scarborough Country and E! commentator. In addition, she hosted On the Lot, the first episode of the reality TV show.

The Chelsea Handler Show was broadcast on E! for two seasons in April 2006. She performed in the Comedy Central Hour Stand-up Comedy Tour across the United States the following year. She has shown her comic on different platforms including VH1’s Love Lounge, HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival, and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend.

In July 2007, Chelsea Lately on the E! network was hosting the six months late-night comedy talk show. It took place between 2007 and 26 August 2014. After the Latest, the show had a spinoff.

In the history of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), she was the second woman alone to hold the event on 12 September 2010. Become one of the 100 most influential people in the world, Times named Chelsea Handler in the 2012 Time 100 list as a result of its contributions to various areas of entertainment

She published a film series on Netflix in January 2016 and started the comedy talk show “Chelsea” on Netflix in May of the same year.

As an author, Handler wrote five volumes, including My Horizontal Life: A One-Night Collection, Are you there in Vodka? Chelsea (2008), Me, Chelsea. Chelsea Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me (2011), Uganda Be Kidding Me and Chelsea Bang (2010) (2014).

How Much Does Chelsea Handler Earn?

Chelsea Handler did an excellent job to make good use of her several talents. Her comedy shows, sale of her book, acting, and also her television shows have earned her a lot of money. She earned 10 million dollars from her late night comedy show, according to reports, and her deal with Netflix likely amounts to also millions of dollars. Her net value of 12.5 million dollars had been reported in 2012, but the figure has grown since then. Now, the net value of $40 million is said to be her.

Look At the Lovelife Of Chelsea Handler

Even though Chelsea Handler has a ‘impressive’ list of unsuccessful relations over the years, there is no proof that Mel Gibson is on that list. That’s quite a common knowledge, since her relationshis are often quite vocal.

She is a dated animal trainer and entertainer from Dave Salmoni, a Canadian television producer. A few months ago, Salmoni broke the story of its breach at Tonacht Show With Jay Leno. their relationship continued.

She met 50 Cent in 2010 then and they began dating a while later. A few months later, when 50 Cent called Chelsea to inform her that the next day his ex, Ciara, was on show, wanted him back and wasn’t happy they dated. Chelsea got angry, said a lot of nasty things about 50 cents, and the relationship was over.

She was the CEO of the Comcast Entertainment Group and supervising E! and other cable chains in 2006. She was Ted Harbert. In 2006. A couple of months later the relationship went down the drain, but probably because you could hardly separate business from pleasure. Chelsea Handler confirmed its split on her late-night conversation show on January 25, 2010.

Chelsea started out in 2011, but after two years she broke up with the hotelier André Balazs. It was a bicoastal link that the duo struggled to figure out how to live together. Chelsea told Oprah that she never had any doubt about the love of Andre for her. He was her match, according to her.