Chip Hailstone

Chip Hailstone is a popular American TV personality. He is a real-life hunter and he rose to fame after his interesting life was documented by National Geography’s reality TV show, Life Below Zero.

When was Chip Hailstone born?

Edward Chip Hailstone was born on the 5th of March, 1969 in Kalispell, Montana, U.S.A. As of 2021, his age is 52. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is Native American.

Chip was born to parents Daniel Franklin Hailstone (father) and Mary Lois Hailstone (mother). Even as a child, he had a lot of interest in hunting and quickly learned the skills essential for a hunter while growing up. He also learned fishing and craft-making during this time and always had the desire to use these skills and live out his life as a hunter. This led to him moving to Alaska at the age of 19, but after a while, he fell in love with the Alaskan wilderness and is still living there.

Not much information is available regarding his education. It seems as though he has studied up to high school but he might have chosen to rather learn the skills of hunting and fishing during his childhood.

How did Chip Hailstone rise to fame?

Chip Hailstone leads a quiet life with his family near the Kobuk River in Noorvik, Alaska. He hunts for a living and his lifestyle is pretty minimalistic, to say the least. But despite this, hunting for a living in this day and age, in a remote place such as Alaska is pretty interesting. National Geography also learned about his lifestyle and showed interest in making a reality TV show documenting his life. Chip agreed and has been a part of the main cast in the TV show Life Below Zero since 2013.

Aside from Chip, the show also focuses on other Alaskan subsistence hunters such as Sue Aikens, Glenn Villeneuve, Jessie Holmes, Andy Bassich, Erik Salitan, and Ricko DeWilde. His wife, Agnes Hailstone is also heavily featured on the show and the couple is adored by the fans. The depiction of Chip’s interesting lifestyle has gotten him a lot of fans over the years. He stills plans on living out the rest of his life in Alaska and is also benefitting from the income he earns through the show.

Chip was also caught in some controversy due to his prison sentence of 15 months in 2017. He spent 10 of those months in jail and he clarified the reasons for his imprisonment after being released. Apparently, his stepson was involved in an altercation with another family back in 2011. During the altercation, one of the residents pointed a gun at his daughter. Police were called and a state trooper at the scene physically assaulted his daughter. Chip then filed for a restraining order against the trooper but this was disputed by the other trooper. Due to this, he was convicted of two counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury which led to his imprisonment.

What is Chip Hailstone’s net worth?

Chip has an estimated net worth in the range of 100k to 500k U.S. dollars as of now. He has not revealed anything regarding his annual salary.

What are Chip Hailstone’s physical statistics?

Chip Hailstone stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall. He has a fit physique along with blue eyes and auburn hair. He has not revealed his weight and other body measurements of now.

Who is Chip Hailstone dating?

Chip is currently married to his wife, Agnes Hailstone. Agnes is an Inupiaq native of Alaska and the couple reportedly married in the mid-90s. The two have 5 daughters, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Carolina, and Qutan. Chip also has two sons, Doug and Jon Carter from Agnes’s previous marriage whom he legally adopted later on.

Social Media

Chip is not very active on social media. Still, he occasionally posts pictures on his Twitter with over 500 followers.

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