Daidus is a popular American Youtuber. He is well known on the platform for his entertaining and hilarious animation videos on his experiences and other topics.

When was Daidus born?

Daidus was born on the 23rd of May, 1999 in the U.S. As of now, his age is 21. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is mixed.

Daidus is also extremely private when it comes to his personal life. As such he has not revealed anything about his parents, not even their names. He has also not said anything regarding his siblings, so he might be a single child.

Daidus’s education is also a subject of mystery. He does seem well educated but has not revealed many details on his educational journey. Still, if we look at his age, Daidus is most probably in college right now.

How did Daidus build his career?

Daidus actually started out as an artist of Deviantart before Youtube. He made a lot of illustrations and characters which were loved by the audience on the platform. This eventually gave him more confidence and he started his own animation based Youtube channel in November of 2015. He uploaded his first video, 3 HAUNTED DORM ROOM SCARY STORIES (ANIMATED) almost a year later in October of 2016. Soon enough, his well animated and entertaining videos started gaining a lot of attention. The audience on Youtube loved Daidus for his entertaining stories, sense of humor, and overall likable and humble personality. Some of his videos such as My Super HOT English Teacher (Animation) and I Animate My Sleep Paralysis Experience also went viral and quickly helped him gain a large fanbase.

As of now, Daidus has over 1.41 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is also a big anime fan who frequently posts videos related to this topic. Daidus’s animations are also expressive and fun to watch and he does especially good work when making character models. Unfortunately, though, he does not upload very frequently on the platform. His animations take time to make and while adding the story and voiceovers, he only uploads once every 3 months. Other than Youtube, Daidus is also popular on social media. He uploads his art on Instagram and uses both Instagram and Twitter to interact with his fanbase.

What is Daidus’s net worth?

Daidus has not revealed anything about his net worth or annual salary as of now.

What are Daidus’s physical statistics?

Daidus is very private about his appearance, to the point where many don’t even know what he looks like. There are only a few pictures on the Internet showing his real face, and many only know him as his Youtube avatar. Due to this, nothing is known about his height, weight, eye color, and hair color as well.

Who is Daidus dating?

Daidus is most probably single at the moment. He collaborates with his roommate Sen frequently in his videos and there are several rumors that the two are dating. But this is just speculation right now and the extent of their relationship is unknown. Due to Daidus’s privacy, nothing is known about his past relationships and girlfriends as well.

Social Media

Daidus is active and popular on social media. As of now, he has over 202k followers on Instagram and over 126k followers on Twitter.

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