Danielle Burgio, Hollywood stuntwoman shares her out-of-the-gym easy and fun workouts!

Celebrities have all the fame and audiences know them. But stunt people do all the dangerous acts for the celebrity stars and audiences neither know their names nor their faces. The stunt people risk their lives to make viewers make feel that it is their favorite stars who are doing the risky scenes. Danielle Burgio is one such stuntwoman and actress of Hollywood who recently shared her out-of-the-gym workouts with her fans.

Danielle Burgio shares her workout regimes

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The famous Stuntwoman of Hollywood, Danielle Burgio was live on KTLA 5 5 Morning News on 25 January 2022. She spoke about workouts that one can do without the need of a gym. At the start of the interview, Danielle, 53 spoke about how due to the coronavirus pandemic, every gym was closed during the lockdown.

Hence she had to reinvent her own exercises to keep herself fit and agile. The stuntwoman who started her career as a dancer revealed that these exercises can also help in building physique, strength, and body balance.

Danielle reveals easy workout regimes

Hollywood stuntwoman Danielle started first with the dance exercises. She stated that free body movements in the form of wiggles and ripples with music in the background forms a good exercise for body and mind. One can play 3 songs and thus have 15 minutes of good workout time without need of a gym. Downward bending of knees helps build and strengthen quadriceps muscles.

Danielle Burgio
Danielle Burgio (Source: Danielle Burgio)

Next one can use simple hula hoop which is not expensive and use it for whole body exercise. To starters it needs a little practice. But once a person is used to holding and moving the hula hoop around the body with the muscle movements, it helps gain muscle strength.

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Thirdly, one can try with a waist belt. These simple gadgets are also easy to pack for travel. They are portable and one can exercise even on trips. Tie one end of the waist belt to a firm object and put the other end around your waist. Then you can do leg movements in the form of a box. Or one can bend forward and downward on knees. One can try boxing hand movements keeping the waist belt on.

Danielle and her life

The bold stuntwoman of Hollywood, Danielle was born on 31 January of the year 1968. Hence her current age is 53 years. Her birthplace is Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. She set off for New York at an early age to stay with her grandmother. In two weeks, she was selected for Starlight Express on Broadway.

Danielle Burgio
Danielle Burgio (Source: Danielle Burgio)

Danielle started her career as a Broadway dancer. Later she transitioned into doing stunts for other stars. And now she is also an actress and a producer. She is an embodiment of grace and roughness. Additionally, she us a social butterfly and made friends easily. She has training in martial arts and gymnastics. She has done stunts in more than 100 films and TV series. She has penned a book called The Stunt Woman’s Workout which released in 2005. She is host of Women Kick Ass podcast where she interviews strong and inspiring women.