David Beckham talks about his love for snails and other delicacies despite diet restrictions during play!

Everyone knows the famous footballer, David Beckham. But do you know that he loves snails. He had once eaten 32 escargots during a tour your long mean in France at his favorite restaurant, Chez L’Ami.

David Beckham and his great love for snails

Every person in this world has a favorite good item that he of she relishes. And for the famed footballer of the UK, David Beckham, his favorite food is snails. David, 46 who is now a retiree has a craze to dine at his favorite French restaurant, Chez L’Ami situated in Paris in France. The late chef Antoine Magnin established this restaurant in 1924. It 8s one of the world’s most famous bistro. This was the time when David was playing and staying at Paris Saint-Germain.

David Beckham
David Beckham loves to eat snails (Source: Metaknet)

David was so fond of this good at that particular restaurant that he could not control his eating. But at the same time, David was also worried that this craze for snails might affect his performance in the game. It might make him slower. And hence to overcome this David used to have an extra hard training after he had a food trip to this restaurant.

David on the podcast

The retired superstar of soccer was talking in the River Cafe Table 4 podcast. Describing those days, David said:

“My record of eating escargots is 32 at one dinner. They’re big. They come in trays of six or nine. I was in there with Victoria once and we were in there for about four hours and had the most amazing wine.”

“I used to go in there once a week. I shouldn’t have done, because I was a professional athlete and I try to watch what I eat, but I made sure I ran harder the next day.”

David Beckham
The Chez L’ami restaurant in Paris (Source: Cumbriafoodie)

Further, he recalled:

“They used to let me come in at seven, the first service was at 7.30 but no one would come in then. I used to turn up at seven, and by the time the first people were coming in at 7.45 or eight o’clock I was walking out.”

I used to do that once a week on my own. I didn’t care that I was on my own. I didn’t drink the wine but I sat there eating the most amazing food. They bring a tub of creme fraiche out at the end, and dollop it on the plate with strawberries.”

David and his diet protocols

The footballer had a strict diet protocol that he had to follow. His managers during his active career had imposed these on him. They prohibited him from eating certain food items. He had fixed menus that he had to adhere to. David’s coaches included Fabio Capello, Carlo Ancelotti, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Sven-Goran Eriksson. Remembering those old golden days, David said:

Certain managers would only want us to eat boiled chicken which is disgusting. No ketchup.

“And then you have the opposite when I was living in Milan. I was kind of thinking, ‘How am I going to be fitness wise because I’m going to be eating a lot of pasta, a lot of olive oil, whatever.’ But it was actually the fittest I’ve ever been.

David Beckham
David Beckham at play (Source: 90 min)

But despite all this appetite for snails and such delicacies, David prefers toastie made of baked beans in the Breville toaster and salt and vinegar crisps packet as his comfort food. The great star added:

“I’m more of a crisp man than a chocolate.”

Short bio on David Beckham

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