Dax Shepard spills the beans about his past relationship with Ashley Olsen in 2007

Actor and podcast host, Dax Shepard recently opened up about his experience dating bazillionaire Ashley Olsen, one of the Olsen twins. He was in a relationship with her briefly in 2007 but he has only good words about her despite the split.

Dax Shepard talks Ashley Olsen

The actor Dax Shepard is married now. But recently, he spilled the beans about his past relationship with one of the Olsen twins, fashion magnate, Ashley Olsen. Dax was talking on his podcast Armchair Expert and said:

I dated Ashley Olsen, and she’s just the most wonderful person. She’s fantastic. … When we were dating, she was putting kind of all her energy and focus into launching [The Row] in a big way. So, I actually got to see her meet with design teams and, like, run her shit and she handled her B, and it’s very impressive.”

Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard and Ashley (Source: US magazine)

Dax has words of appreciation about Ashley

Host Dax revealed on his podcast that he did not know anything about the Olsen twins before he started dating Ashley. He had never watched their sitcom. Dax saw her at a party and was attracted by Ashley’s beauty. The two bonded over cars and he was thrilled on learning about her fashion empire. This was in 2007 and the two started a relationship. Bit it did not last because Dax started dating Kristen Bell in late 2007 and the two are now in a marital relationship. Praising the Olsen twins, Dax added:

They’re sarcastic. I would imagine, on the surface, that’s a pretty weird pairing but she’s super funny, and sarcastic and intelligent. And they are major fucking bosses.”

Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard with wife Kristen Bell (Source: E Online)

Megan Fox and her praise for the Olsen twins

The Olsen twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate are these days keeping a low profile. They are leading a very secretive life. There is not much news on them of late. Megan Fox had also spoken high about them recently. Megan had acted with the twins in Holiday in the Sun. She was in awe about performing with them. She said:

I remember we filmed that in the Bahamas. I remember I used to have to go – because I lived in Florida – to the Bahamas on those tiny little sea planes. There’s always a hurricane, as is the case in Florida. So it was always like a near death experience everyone time I had to fly in to film. And I remember the Olsen twins had the most amazing closet full of clothes. I was in awe of all the clothes and how fashionable there were back then. We were kids, and obviously they went on to become incredible fashion designers with The Row and their other companies. But I remember wishing I was tiny enough to wear all those clothes. I wasn’t small enough.”

Dax Shepard
Olsen twins (Source: Vogue)

The movie was a direct to video film. The Olsen twins have another sister called Elizabeth Olsen who is a popular and talented actress.

Short bio on Dax Shepard

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