Decoy engagement ring: Simone Biles shows off her second engagement ring to.protect the first engagement ring gifted by fiance, Jonathan Owens

Simone Biles and her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens had an engagement on 15 February 2022. She is elated. And now to add to her joy comes the second engagement ring in order to provide protection to the first engagement ring. Read on to grab all the details on this decoy engagement ring.

Simone Biles and her second engagement ring

The super gymnast, Simone Biles is a happy bird. In 15 February 2022, she and her beau, Jonathan Owens got engaged. And her happiness has doubled when her fiance gave her a second engagement ring or a decoy ring. Simone shared the news with her fans on Instagram. She uploaded a video of the new bling and captioned it:

Okay HOW CUTE. So I can [work out] & not damage my engagement ring.”

Decoy engagement ring
Decoy engagement ring of Simone Biles (Source: Yahoo Style UK)

The ring is made of silicone and has a 14K yellow, rose gold or white tubing. There is also an actual diamond in the center. The famous brand Casual Carats makes it. It has such rings with different diamond settings. The cost ranges from $225 to $1495.

Why the need for a decoy engagement ring?

Simone is an athlete. Hence she has to do a lot of exercise and practice. There are high chances that this might damage her original engagement ring. Hence she needed another ring to protect the first engagement ring. Though diamond is sturdy and a hard gem, it can chip, fracture, or bruise with constant use over time. The wear and tear can do it and it might lose its shine and good look. Sometimes, diamonds even fall off from its bed or base.

Decoy engagement ring
Simone and Jonathan engagement (Source: Daily mail UK)

The original engagement ring of Simone that Jonathan gifted to her during the engagement has a diamond that is in oval shape. It is a custom made ring. Jonathan had helped in the design and ZoFrost & Co created it as per the specifications.

The relationship of Simone and Jonathan

The super athlete, Simone had started dating Jonathan two years back. They took their relationship ahead on 15 February 2022 when Jonathan went down on one knee with a ring and proposed to her. Simone said yes. The time that Simone met Jonathan, she knew that he was her right man. Revealing this during s Q and A session on Instagram, Simone had said:

“So fun fact, the day after I met Jonathan, I told my best friend Rachel that I am going to marry him…I just knew!”

Decoy engagement ring
Simone with Jonathan on their engagement (Source: Meaww)

This was a reply to a question of a fan who had asked her:

“How did you know your fiancé was the one?”

The American gymnast, Simone is 25 now. She has 32 Olympic and world championship medals other name now. She hails from Columbus, Ohio, the USA.

Prior to dating Jonathan, Simone was in a relationship with fellow gymnast Stacey Ervin Jr. They began dating in August 2017 but split in March 2020.

Short bio on Simone Biles

Simone Biles is an American gymnast and athlete. She has 32 medals to her name and is of international fame. More bio…