Diamonds are forever! Which other gemstones are gaining popularity for engagement and wedding rings?

Diamonds are the preferred precious stones for engagement and wedding rings. But gradually and increasingly, women of today are falling for other precious gemstones for the rings from their beau. So which are these gems that are replacing the age-old diamonds for the valuable rings of women.

Diamonds: a woman’s best friend

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Diamonds are forever, goes the quote. They are every girl’s best friends. It is a solid form of carbon whose atoms are arranged in a crystal form. It is the gradual conversion of graphite that leads to formation of the diamond. More people prefer it because of its unique shine, good supply, better techniques to cut and polish it, good buying capacity, and successful advertising campaigns.

Diamonds (Source: BBC)

It is considered a traditional and romantic symbol of eternal love and affinity. It retains it’s beauty for years to come and also is a good form of investment for life. The stone is hard and hence cannot be damaged. They can even cut glass. It has cultural, economic, and sentimental value and remains a beautiful possession and collection of jewellery box.

The tradition of using diamonds in engagement and wedding rings can be traced back to the Romans. The first record of embedding diamonds in rings for a girlfriend is that of Archduke Maximillian of Austria. In 1477, he made the first diamond engagement ring for his lover, Mary of Burgundy. This triggered the trend of using diamond rings in Europe. It stood for eternal love, nobility, and opulence. The Victorians further popularized it and in 1947, diamond trader De Beers launched its slogan that read “Diamonds are forever.” This catchphrase won the hearts of people and especially girlfriends. Its durable quality implied that marriages would remain forever if diamond was used in the rings. Its sparkle and purity added more finer qualities to the institution of marriage. And this tradition continues to date. Though now, women are going in for other gems as well for their romantic rings.

Precious gemstones and women’s rings

Amethyst gem is purple in color and precious too. These stones are mined raw and later cut and polished to give it that brilliant and sparkling look and shine. Silver or platinum rings go well with this stone.

Sapphire gemstone is usually blue but

Other Precious Gemstones (Source: Gem rock auctions)

also available in yellow, green, and white color. Their lustre may be less but they look good when embedded into rings. Their price range is also less than that of diamonds and are thus economical.

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More priceless gems

Emeralds have a greenish hue and also possess a good lustre and sheen. These gemstones were very popular in the 1980s and after a no-preference for a few decades, they have again regained the popularity. These are good for those who like to have larger gems in their rings without added cost. It looks nice with rings made of white gold or platinum.

Gemstones (Source: Gem rock auctions)

Morganite are pink-colored gems and naturally liked by females. It goes well with an elegant, feminine design of rings. They sparkle and with rose gold band they look pretty. Their prices are high but the good look on rings makes people pay for it.