#DitchTheList survey: Most of the people in Hong Kong are with partners that are totally different from what they desired!

What are Hongkongers looking for in their prospective date? A survey conducted (#Ditchthelist survey) found that most people seek a date who is tidy with no foul breath. A pleasant voice was sought after and there were differences in this wish list based on age group of the person.

Dating wish list of Hong Kong people: #DitchTheList survey

Every person who is looking out for a date has a wish list of desirable qualities he or she would like to have in the date. In order to determine what these are, dating app Coffee Meets Bagel did the #DitchTheList survey. And the research revealed that most women want a tall, clean doctor with fresh, good breath good teeth, and clean fingernails.

#Ditchthelist survey
#Ditchthelist survey of dating app Coffee meets bagel (Source: Wikipedia)

So hygiene was a top priority in the desired qualities of a mate in this survey. The date was also expected to be fit but not be for long hours in the gym. The person should also be good in cooking for home with a sweet voice.

The ideal woman should be an artist with long hair.

Detailed result of the survey

The survey showed that fresh breath is too in the list of desired qualities in a woman and stands second in those of an ideal man. Man should have a strong brow. Women also seek good teeth and clean fingernails compared to six-pack. The ideal woman should have long hair with a natural look and a nice smile.

#Ditchthelist survey
Dating couple (Source: Pinterest)

As regards the profession, doctors and CEOs were top in the list followed by bankers and lawyers. Entrepreneurs, architects, and engineers were also preferred. Men preferred artists and musicians as the ideal lady of their life. Around 25% of the people from Hong Kong felt that profession was the major determinant for them in a date.

50% of them would reject an unclean partner. Nice voice was one of the desired characteristics in a date. The deal breaker included chewing loudly, nail biting in public, long nose hairs, and shearing nails in public place.

The generation gap in results

Millennial men gave high priority to financial security of women. And women wanted men with a successful career as partner. Twice as many millennials wanted their men to be able to cook as compared to 50 to 65 age group women. The former also did not like gym selfies and excessive texting.

#Ditchthelist survey
Dating couple end up with a partner that is poles apart from what they desired (Source: The ET)

They also liked partners with good looks with confidence and decent bed manners. They want their ideal partner to like animals, be able to play musical instruments, and also offer good massages when required. 40-65 age-group people wanted their partners to be able to gel with their family too.

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But the anti-climax here was that 97% of people were in relationships with people who was majorly different from what they were seeking. 80% women were with men who had less than half of the characteristics that they were earlier looking for in their Mr. Right! Sad!