Jon Bon Jovi’s Dorothea Hurley’s Bio: Age, Education, Marriage, Children, Net Worth

Each man is dreaming of having a good woman by his side, and the legendary musician Jon Bon Jovi is glad that he has Dorothea Hurley. Although Dorothea has come to public attention with her husband, she’s a Karate instructor, who has made her records in high school as a junior karate champion, but later settled as a teacher in New Jersey.

The karate specialist also works with her husband as a restaurateur. When they met Jon Bon Jovi had to deal with being just friends with the woman he liked because Dorothea’s relationship with his buddy Bobby was already romantic.

In their twenties, when Bobby was no longer on the picture, friendship became a romance, they seemed to be in all hurries of bonding the connubial knot, and in 1989, during a LA stop, they had to go on a New Jersey syndicate tour of Jon Bon Jovi’s band. In Las Vegas, they finally married. Dorothea Hurley has since been a permanent source of support for her husband in times of difficulty.

About Dorothea Hurley: Age, Bio, Facts, Education


The records of her birth date state Dorothea Hurley was born in New Jersey USA on 29 September 1962, where she grew up. While Dorothea Hurley’s parents are not known, Donald Hurley (father) and Dorothy Pavlyk are identified (mother). There is no record of any of her siblings, so she was a child only.

Dorothea Hurley graduated high school in Parlin, New Jersey, from the Sayreville War Memorial High School.


Dorothea Hurley’s Children


On 31 May 1993 a girl named Stephanie, and Jesse joining her as her first son declared his entry in 1995, Dorothea Hurley’s children were four in total, the oldest of them being Stephanie. On May 7th, 2002, the couple had a second son, Jacob; in 2004 they joined their last son, Romeo.

Children of Dorothea gained national coverage for both positive and negative reasons. At one time or another. In her daughter’s case, something was obviously bad, because she was found nearly half-dead for taking an oversupply of heroin in her room at Hamilton College. Stephanie was rescued only by the emergency team’s rapid intervention.

For a good cause, Jesse’s first son, Dorothea Hurley, gained media attention. Since his days at Poly Prep Brooklyn, he had been very interested in sports and lacrosse. Jesse continued football as a political and economic student at the University of Notre Dame, where he achieved remarkable statistics as a member of the Irish Football Team of Notre Dame Battle.

The wine business he set up with his father and the renowned French winemaker Gerald Bertrand is the most recent feat of Jesse. The Hampton Water brand was successfully accepted and later launched into LA.


How Did Dorothea Hurley Met Her Husband Bon Jovi?


Something about youthful romance is certain, particularly a high school-based one for some, but lucky few, like Dorothea Hurley, and Jon Bon Jovi, are lucky ones whose secondary school romance has been through life.

They were married on April 29, 1989, at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Since they were elopement, their family and friends were not fortunate to be there. No engagement rings were to be presented at this ceremony.

It’s no news more than the candle’s flames in the wind, but the opposite is the case for Dorothea Hurley and her spouse. Their marriage has lasted for more than thirty years and their relationship seems totally unshakeable with the blessing of four children.


Jon Bon Jovi is Thankful To His Wife, Dorothea Hurley

The success of his marriage is credited by Jon Bon Jovi to his wife, whom he aptly identified as the glue of her union, because, while sails in the tumultuous waters, she played a significant role in holding the marriage home together.


Dorothea Hurley’s Net Worth

As a teacher and a restaurant specialist Dorothea Hurley is very successful, but never made her net value public. But Jon Bon Jovi’s wife has no financial issues because obviously she is boosted by her husband’s fortune, which had been at $300 million for the last time.