Edu Manzano announces his daughter, Addie Manzano’s engagement to her boyfriend, Jared Glassman

Actor Edu Manzano is an elated and proud father. He announced on his Instagram on 3 January 2022 that his daughter with model Rina Samson, Addie had an engagement with her boyfriend, Jared Glassman. He sent his best wishes for the couple.

Edu Manzano and his daughter Addies’ engagement

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Actor Edu Manzano could not contain his happiness. He poured it onto his Instagram pages. He is a proud father. Happily he made an announcement on his Instagram on 3 January 2022 that his daughter Addie had a recent engagement. Jared Glassman is Addie’s boyfriend-turned-fiance. Edu approves of his new son-in-law.

Edu Manzano
Edu Manzano announces daughter, Addie’s engagement (Source: Pinterest)

He posted s photo of himself with little Addie and next was another photo of the engagement. Edu wrote in the caption:

“This little lady just got engaged to a great guy. Didn’t dawn on me that Addie is now all of 28,”

He added for his 291k followers on Instagram:

[I] am very happy I went to [New York] last October to see how much they loved each other. Welcome to the MANZANO Family Mr. Jared Glassman. I wish you both all the love in the world.”

Addie and her engagement announcement

One day prior on 2 January 2022, Addie had uploaded photos of her engagement with Jared on her Instagram page. The background and venue of the photos is the place where Jared had proposed to Addie. On the floor are innumerable balloons in white, transparent, and golden colors. In the background on the wall are inflated golden-colored alphabets that read ” Will you marry me?”

Edu Manzano
Addie and Jared (Source: Instagram)

Addie wrote underneath the photos:

“[I] can’t believe [I] get to have this love forever,”

She has 44.4k followers on her social media. In one of the photos, the two are showing off their new engagement rings. In another, they are hugging each other. And in a third, Addie is kissing Jared. While in the fourth pic, they are hugging while Addie is laughing. The two make an adorable couple.

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Edu and his recent headlines

The actor was in news recently when he confirmed that he is dating actress Cherry Pie Picache. He did this while being in a text conversation with broadcasting host Cheryl Cosim. One Balita Pilipinas telecast it on 19 November 2021. Cheryl asked him twice to confirm his relationship with Cherry and both times, he answered yes.

Edu Manzano
Edu Manzano with Cherry (Source: Filipina News)

Cheryl was with Gary Tria but she separated from him in 2006. The couple share a son named Nio Tria together.

American-Fiipino actor Edu was twice married and twice divorced. His first wife was actress Vilma Santos, 68 whom he wed in 1980 and divorced in 1982. Later, in 1989 he married actress Maricel Soriano but they split in 1991. But he wasin multiple other non-marital relationships. He has dated actress cum model Alicia Mayer, 45, Rina Samson (1993 to 1995), actress Anjanette Abayari (1995 to 1996), journalist Pinky Webb, 51 (2008 to 2009), and non-showbiz girlfriend Iryne Garcia. He has two children with Rina (Addie and Enzo) and 1 child with Vilma (Luis).