Elena Cornaro Piscopia

Elena Cornaro Piscopia was a Venetian philosopher who is one of the first women to receive an academic degree from a University. In English, she is known as Helen Cornaro. The year 2019 is her 373rd birthday.

What was Elena Cornaro Piscopia famous for?

– Famous as one of the first women to receive an academic degree from a university.

Where was Elena Cornaro Piscopia born?

Elena Cornaro Piscopia was born on 5th June 1646 in the Palazzo Loredan, in Venice, Republic of Venice. Her birth name was Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia. Her nationality and ethnicity were Venetian. Her zodiac sign was Gemini.

She was born to Gianbattista Cornaro- Piscopia(father) and Zanetta Boni(mother). She was the third child of her parents.  Her father was the Procuratore di San Marco de supra, the treasurer of St. Mark’s Cathedral.

She studied Latin and Greek under different instructors as well as French and Spanish. She also earned the title of Oraculum after mastering Hebrew and Arabic.  She attended the classes of expert musicians and mastered the harp and the violin.

She attended the “University of Padua” and became one of the first women to receive a Ph.D. degree from a university.

How was Elena Cornaro Piscopia’s Career?

– Elena, a Ph.D. degree holder became famous for her skills and for being the first woman to graduate with an academic degree. Elena was so talented that by age 17 she was considered to be an expert musician.

– During her life, in addition to mastering her entire body with knowledge-Elena mastered the harpsichord, the clavichord, the harp, and the violin. Her mastery of musical instruments was crowned by the music she composed.

– Elena Piscopia was an esteemed member of various academies throughout Europe, and she received visits from scholars of all parts of the world.

– Elena enjoyed debating, giving lectures in theology, and composing music. She became a mathematics lecturer at the University of Padua in 1678.

– Her writings were published in 1688 in Parma, Italy after her death. Even today Elena Piscopia is widely quoted by other scholars and writers.

– After successfully receiving her degree from the University, Elena devoted her life to charity. She abdicated her place in Venetian society and refused several important marriages.

– During the last seven years of her life, Elena focused on learning and ministering to the poor.

When did she die?

Elena Piscopia died on 26th July 1684 in Padua, the Republic of Venice at the age of 38. Elena died because of tuberculosis. Her dead body was buried in the church of Santa Giustina.

She was honored by the university by placing her statue in the university.

How was Elena’s Personal life?

Elena was more interested in the work that she gave no importance to her personal life. There is no information about her married life.

How tall was Elena?

Elana had a well-maintained body. Her height and weight are unknown.

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