Elle B Mambetov divorces her husband of three years, Selim Mambetov on basis of bigamy and fraud

American fashion designer Elle B. Mambetov never knew that soon after marrying Selim Mambetov she will have to approach the court for annulment of her marriage. She is in the midst of a very nasty legal battle against her ex-husband.

Elle B. Mambetov and her legal fight against ex-husband, Selim Mambetov

The famed celebrity fashion designer, Elle B. Mambetov is having a nasty divorce battle. The Los Angeles-based designer has filed her divorce papers on 30 March this year after three years of marriage. She has stated in these papers that the two separated on 29 March 2022. Elle’s current age is 36.

Elle B Mambetov
Elle B Mambetov (Source: Star central magazine)

Citing the reasons for this divorce, Elle has stated that there are irreconcilable differences between the two. Additionally, she has accused Selim of fraud and bigamy. Elle has requested the court to dissolve the marriage. She also wants the presiding judge to terminate the right of both parties involved to demand spousal support. The fashion designer prefers to keep her money to herself. She also does not want a penny from Selim post-divorce. But she has put in a demand that Selim should pay her the attorney fees.

Selim and his response to the divorce

Selim has also put in his legal papers in response to Elle’s filing on 6 April 2022. He accepts that the date they separated in 29 March 2022. But Selim vehemently denies the allegations of Elle on him.

Elle B Mambetov
Elle B Mambetov with Selim (Source: Radar Online)

Radar Online managed to speak to Elle. She revealed that Selim was leading a double life. She also said that she had thought it was a gift of God when she wed Selim on 25 January 2019. The designer Elle was hopeful of their future together but all that came tumbling down.

Elle and her career and wrong imprisonment

Elle is a famous fashion designer. She has designed clothes for Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, and Carrie Underwood, just to name a few. She has been part of a number of fashion shows including the London Fashion Week. Elle is African-American and hails from Texas and owns a boutique in Beverly Hills in California. At her age of 26, she was already a designer at London fashion week.

Elle B Mambetov
Elle B Mambetov (Source: Medium)

In 2016, she was wrongly arrested and jailed on a foreign land without a warrant. This was on a suspicion of fraud. She spent two years in a maximum security prison of London despite being innocent. Though government ordered her release, HMP Bronzefield continued to hold her captive. She faced sexual misconduct and had to fight through police corruption, racism, and perjury.

After her release, she was determined to return back to the past high level. And she did. She told Essence in December 2020:

“It’s been really exciting [to re-launch Elle B. Zhou], and I’m really thankful for the reception and the support,”

“That’s been a really nice welcome home to the industry that I love.”

She had relaunched her womenswear brand Elle B Zhou in May 2020. Prior to her marriage to Selim, she converted to Islam.