Shocking Life Details And facts About Emma Coronel, the Wife of Drug (Dealer El Chapo), And Daughter of a Drug Dealer 

Even as a child, the Sinaloa cartel, an international drug trafficking trade union, money laundering, and the organized crime union, were exposed to the activities of Emma Coronel Aispuro. Her dad was well involved in the cartel. When she was a teenager, it was Joaquin Archivaldo Gurman Loera, better known worldwide as El Chapo who became the fourth wife of the cartel group leader.

Emma had been in the dark until her husband’s arrest. After an interview with Telemundo, the US television station, in 2016, she came to light. She is the mother of two and continues to demonstrate the interest of many how she became the female of a man considered to be the greatest drug trafficker in the world.

About Emma Coronel Aispuro’s Father

Though the drug lord was three times married, Emma Coronel Aispuro didn’t dissuade him from having a romantic relationship with him. In 2006, when she was just 17, Emma’s father introduced her to El Chapo.

According to Emma, while dancing with an ex-lover her first meeting with the drug dealer was. Their trails crossed in the middle of the dance floor and he flirtatiously grinned at her. Later, El Chapo asked her for a dance, approved it, and it marked the start of their relationship.

They initiated a platonic relationship and then started a romantic and quiet relationship. The lovers were very easily influenced by things and the next year they were preparing for marriage. On 2 July 2007, Emma and El Chapo became life partners.

In the beginning, the news was that they had an extensive marriage ceremony, but after having given an interview, Emma proclaimed publicly that their marriage was private, full of armed men. Such a honeymoon was never given to her husband at that time because of the international warrant of arrest.

 Emma Coronel and El Chapo

The chief of the criminal group, Sinaloa Cartel was Joaquin Archivaldo Gurman Loera, popularly known as El Chapo Guzman. This did not influence him in a small way, as he has been trying to circumvent the law for most of his marriage to Emma Coronel Aispuro.

Joaquin was first captured for his crimes in 1993 and sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug trafficking and assassination.

However, in 2001, he bribed the prison guards and escaped full federal protection. The US authorities have deemed him to be desirable and the Mexican government has put him on the Pesos 60 million bounties. Similarly, the United Nations government gave the information that leads to its capture a $5 million reward.

The husband of Emma Coronel Aispuro was arrested at Sinaloa, Mexico, on 22 February 2014. He fled, but the Mexican Navy and the Federal Police rearrested him. He was extradited to the United States on 19 January 2017 and eventually sentenced without parole to life imprisonment.

 Emma Coronel’s Twin Daughter

El Chapo could not stop his twin daughters from bonding in the face of his difficulties with the law. The girls named Emali and Maria Joaquina were born in 2012. Born in Los Angeles, Lancaster. Although their dad was born with a $5 million bonus, his name was left out of his birth certificate.

The twins were the only visitors allowed to visit him at an unknown place where he was held after he was extradited and stood trial. Even Emma could not attend El Chapo or chat on the phone.

 Emma Coronel Admires Her Husband No Matter What

The public prosecutors brought several witnesses during her husband’s trial that took place from November 2018 to February 2019, which helped them develop their case by the death sentence of El Chapo.

Testimonies showed El Chapo, among other items, as a bloodthirsty killer and a vengeful drug smuggler. But none of this would be acceptable to Emma. She was not the person she portrayed to be the man she married to.

Emma still spoke so much about El Chapo. She admires him and what they have for who he is. He is a good husband as well as a caring parent, who is extremely attentive to their children, she says. They say he urged Emma in Los Angeles to deliver the girls so they could be US citizens.

 Emma Coronel’s father is a Mexican Drug Lord who was later arrested

The wife of El Chapo was born in Los Angeles, California, on 3 July 1989. She was educated at drug cabals for years and she grew up in Canelas, a small rural town in the north-west of Mexico. Her father, the convicted Mexican drug advisor, Inés Coronel Barreras, is a committed Sinaloa cartel member. His dealings are infamous and the death of his own cousin was said to be ordered. Somniferum is grown in bhang and papaver.

Inés Coronel was prosecuted for the organization of drug distribution activities for the drug king Guzman by the United States Department of the Treasury under the International Drugs Kingpin Label. The brother of Emma Coronel Aispuro, Inés Coronel Aispuro, was arrested along with her father.

Her mother is a homemaker who very much loves her husband, Blanca Estela Aispuro Aispuro. Emma’s uncle was Ignacio Coronel, slain drug kingpin, “Nacho.” He was one of the trusted goos of El Chapo before his death, playing an important role at Sinaloa Cartel.

Wife of the Drug Lord is a former beauty queen of teenage years

What Emma Coronel Aispuro is actually doing for life is hard to say, and she seems to have dedicated her time to the treatment and upbringing of her twin daughters because her father probably won’t be home again.

It’s no secret, however, that she was a beauty contestant before. Given the fine fashion and looks, this is hardly shocking. Emma has seven inches on 5 feet and her gorgeousness is undeniable.