Interesting Facts on Youtube Star Eva Gutowski: Age, Bio, Parents, Relationship, Career

It has been a fascinating journey for her since Eva Gutowski entered YouTube in 2011 from one landmark to the next. She has risen to be one of the most talked-about personalities in the digital stratosphere with the help of an army of young women and adolescent girl fans known as evaluators. She also leveraged her success in modeling, designing, acting, and writing.

Gutowski’s history, in particular her loving life, was fascinated by such fame. The megastar YouTube says that it is bisexual and available to men and women alike. However, until now, she has only dated guys. This generated confusion because fans wonder if she is bisexual or just playing in the gallery.

Eva Gutowski’s Age, Bio, Parents

Eva was born in Brea, Southern California, on July 29, 1994. The family of four of her father, John, mother, and a younger sister, named Maya is of African, Puerto Rican, and Irish descent. Eva was childish and liked to compose and create. Eva was imaginative. She has also entertained, acted, and performed in college.

She, therefore, aspired to be a host to talk show, author, writer, and producer. Oprah and Ellen were her role models and she wanted to be like them one day. Eva Gutowski followed in her idol Oprah in order to achieve these noble dreams and studied journalism at the California State University in Fullerton.

She used her spare time to start blogging on Facebook while in her early college year. Her blogs focus on budgeting and creative DIYs across the college, and she quickly gained some loyal supporters from middle-aged people. Every week they became as many as 1000 readers, and before long they began to call out for the Gutowski vlogs.

Eva Gutowski’s Rise to Fame

Eva Gutowski accepted the requests for vlogs from her fans and in 2011 founded MyLifeAsEva, her Youtube channel. Her first video was a video on a Black Friday, and young people like her had huge reactions. This convinced Gutowski to focus his attention on her YouTube career and she was interested in something positive.

The Californian native continues to search for material, which consists of beauty and maquillage tips, decorative tips, comic videos, DIYs, and HowTo.

Gutowski’s own Youtube channel was 11 million subscribers in July 2020 and has a billion views. It has also expanded its reach to other social media sites and now has about 6 million Instagram followers and 5 million Twitter followers.

Industry monitors referred to this achievement because the young lady customizes her content according to each site. Gutowski on YouTube is quirky and self-deluding but she’s glamorous for exquisite fashion and modeling shots when it comes to Instagram. The website uses its account to support causes close to its heart, including animal rights, on Twitter.

This digital know-how has won several awards from Gutowski, including being nominated for the 2019 Teen Choice Award as the female Online star of the year. She also used her renown to diversify into other fields of show business such as modeling and performance.

Me, My Grandma, and How to Survive in High School are several of her YouTube episodes. And she has a fashion line, It’s All Wild, and she has written an inspiring book and a best-selling lifestyle – My Life as Eva: The fight is real.

Eva Gutowski’s Sexuality

Most people are instinctively inclined to assume that someone else is straight before they come out and say otherwise expressly. This is also true for celebrities and, naturally, many people have taken Eva Gutowski to be straight. The fact that their national profile so far only consisted of individuals further reinforced their beliefs.

However, the YouTube individual explained in five tweets the status of their sexuality and dropped it on 31 August 2016. In the string, Gutowski declared that she was ready for everyone, kid or girl and that she had encountered these sentiments since she was 12.

She also said that it doesn’t mean that any one of the same sex can’t be taken seriously as bisexual. The Megastar YouTube then used the rest of his posts to encourage people to free themselves and allow their hearts to love someone. She encouraged them not to be afraid of “not being ordinary,” but to be frank.

Gutowski’s posts resulted in her followers sharing optimistic feelings. Some magazines, including Teen Vogue, have also praised her for speaking freely about her sexuality because it encourages other people to look more genuinely at living.


Eva Gutowski’s Dating History

So, you got it there. In reality, Eva Gutowski is bisexual and therefore open to intimate relations with men and women. But only guys, at least for the time being public, have dated them, but that does not change anything. The fact that you did not date a person of the same sex does not decrease bisexuality, as was already stated in her tweets.

The first partnership between Gutowski and Andrew Kingsbury was in 2015. Kingsbury is a guru and a celebration of Instagram online marketing. It dated a few months and collapsed also in 2015.

Again, in 2016, Gutowski found love with Alex Hayes, a YouTube star. The partnership lasted until the same year in August before it ruptured. Gutowski accused Hayes of exploiting her to make her fellow men popular and urged them to be careful what they have confidence in.

She also told them not to place too much focus on the ideal online relationships. Hayes answered these claims by blaming his ex for a false declaration, and the whole thing came to an end.

Furthermore, in 2016, Adam Bartoshesky, a freelance photographer, was the star YouTuber. You’ve spent two years together, always posting adorable photos of yourself on your social media pages.

The relationship with another photographer, Olav Stubberud, unfortunately, came to an end in early 2018. On May 24, 2020, she shared a series of steamy pics with Olav on her Instagram and said that it was the right time to tell the rest of the world her love. Her post has led her colleagues and her fans to congratulate them.