Florence St. George, the ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry is happy that her relationship with him was short-lived!

The former girlfriend of Prince Harry, Florence St George is happy that she did not continue her relationship with the former Duke of Sussex. Florence revealed that she could not handle the publicity that came suddenly with being the girlfriend of a royal member. Though she was sad at that time, looking back she feels that it was for her good.

Florence St George and Prince Harry-their relationship

Model Florence St George, 35 spoke to The Telegraph’s Stella magazine about her personal life and past relationship with Prince Harry. The couple had dated in 2011 for a brief period. Florence feels that she was fortunate that it was a short-lived relationship because she had struggled to cope with the publicity that came along with it. She was not happy with the media scrutiny that came with it. Her privacy suddenly ended and there were public eyes also prying into her private life. She found it unbearable. She said:

“A new story would appear almost every day in the press, my school friends were interrogated and there were photographers outside my front door,”

“I take my hat off to those people who can cope with that lifestyle, but I knew I couldn’t. Although it was sad at the time, I feel lucky that the relationship was short-lived,”

Florence and Prince Harry (Source: Mirror UK)

But she did not highlight on why the two broke up.

Current love life and family of Florence

The model went on to marry Henry St George who is the vice-president of the Grand Bahama Port Authority. After their wedding in 2013, the couple have two children. The eldest child is daughter Iris who is now 5 and the second child is son Jimmy, 3. The ex of Prince Harry is happy and content in her current life. Earlier, she had some mental issues and anxiety right from her teenage days.

Florence with husband Henry (Source: Getty Images)

Florence’s postnatal depression

Florence revealed that after she delivered Iris, she had postnatal depression. She explained:

“As soon as I gave birth to my daughter Iris, we were in love. She was perfect and I felt an overwhelming protective instinct towards her,”

“But that night, I also felt a chemical shift inside me. I’d be laughing and loving one minute, sobbing and angry the next.”

Florence(Source: Pinterest)

She was full of worries and had some fear in her mind. She had to seek expert medical assistance for it after her family pushed her to do so:

After seven long months I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. The doctor asked me what makes me happy, as a means of trying to diagnose me, and I couldn’t answer,”

“Despite having a husband and baby that I deeply loved, I still couldn’t remember the last time I’d actually felt happy.”

Besides medicines prescribed by doctors, she also took to pottery for relief. She said:

“I forced myself to pick up the clay and start playing. The feel of the smooth, wet material was so calming,”

“I made a tiny pinch pot – digging my thumb into the centre of the clay and slowly moulding it into shape. I was so absorbed in the task, and when I finished it, I felt a whoosh of positivity. For that moment, I felt like myself again.”