Frances Kelleher cites reasons for failure to find true love on dating apps

Irish dating expert, Frances Kelleher is not against dating apps. But she feels that they have limited role in finding true love. They can connect people and bring them into the dating circle thus providing more options. But ultimately to find the right date still depends on the user. But many a times, despite taking help of the dating apps, many people still do not find right love. What is the reason for it?

Frances Kelleher on why people do not find love even on dating apps

Frances Kelleher is a dating expert from Ireland. She is not critical about the dating apps. But she strongly believes that true love finding depends more on an individual rather than on dating apps. She says:

Dating apps are fantastic for bringing more people into your circle and initially making a connection, but this is all they should be used for,’

Frances Kelleher
Frances Kelleher (Source: Twitter)

She believes that a person himself or herself creates a mind block. Due to this, he or she cannot reach out well to get the true love. Frances cites following reasons for it.

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Reasons for not finding love on dating apps

Frances has enumerated the reasons for not finding the right match on a dating app despite trying. She states that many people are still stuck mentally with an ex. They find it hard to move on and feel that the magic of first or previous love may not come again. But this is not true, says Frances. One has to remove this block from the mind and look at things anew. One has to remove all traces of the ex from the mind not hatefully but in an amicable way.

Frances Kelleher
Dating apps (Source: Medium)

Dating apps have a role but do not overuse it. Do not find answers online from a prospective date by sending innumerable messages to him or her. This kills the fun and passion and magic of dating. Keep some queries for asking during personal meeting. Additionally, some people go to dating apps just to kill their boredom. They might not really be looking out for a date and may hence waste your time. Do not get drowned with such people. Switch from online to offline st the earliest to know more about the person.

More reasons for failure on dating apps

Another reason for no success on dating apps is that you like some person online and are just waiting for a yes from him or her. But that person may be breadcrumbing or ghosting you. Try to recognize these issues of dating apps and expand your number of prospective dates so that you can choose from them.

Some people want to date but have no time for it due to their busy careers. Remember this and apply proper time management so that you also have time for finding love and enjoying it.

Frances Kelleher
Frances Kelleher and her coaching on dating (Source: Pinterest)

Sometimes, people dismiss a prospective date on physical appearance itself without trying to understand the person properly. Try to avoid this and take time to get to know a person properly rather than rejecting him or her on the first go. People’s attractiveness and charm gets more once you know his or her uniqueness, thinking, and personality. It is hard in one meeting to know everything about a person. Hence know s person gradually and then decide. Avoid low self esteem and if you have one try to get a proper counselling session to get rid of it.