Gloria Govan

Even though Gloria Govan is famous as an American actress, writer, and television host, she is more successful than Matt Barnes, the former wife of the NBA player. After the Florida TV version, Basketball women and then Basketball women: LA – she became famous after being traded to Los Angeles Lakers in Matt.

Sadly, it did not last long after Gloria married an NBA player who put her on the map. During her divorce from her husband, she was found to be in touch with another NBA star named Derek Fisher already. This led to concerns regarding her fidelity to her married husband.

Gloria Govan’s Age, Siblings

In addition to two of her siblings, Laura and Brother, Lonnie Govan, in Oakland, California, Gloria Govan was birthed and raised. When she was born exactly, it is not clear that various sources have inconsistent dates. Some media sources state that it was born on 22 February 1970, while others claim that it was 22 February 1985 and 1 January 1970.

It is quite possible that, however, that Gloria was born in 1970 because of the fact that she was a younger sister, Laura, born on 21 September 1979, although we are not certain if she was 22 February or 1 January.

The star of Basketball Wives is a US national. The African-American race, with its father’s African American ancestry, and its mother’s Hispanic (Mexican) ancestry.

Gloria Govan’s Earnings

In the entertainment industry, breaking through is based, among other things, on our physical look and on Gloria Govan, who has a good look, proper height, and perfect shape so that it won’t be difficult in Hollywood. Besides her look, Gloria has a wonderful personality and social skills which all helped to make her successful, as well as having married Matt Barnes, a former NBA player.

The lovely lady has appeared in several movies, such as More Money, More Family, and Chocolate City.

After the VH1 reality TV series Basketball Wives premiered in April 2010, Gloria and her sister, Laura has gained popularity. She also performed later on in Basketball Wives: LA, the spin-off set in Los Angeles, which premiered on VH1 on 29 August 2011. The show was a chronicle of a group of women who have played professional basketball romantically.

It is also thought that UFC was one of the most-watched TV sports networks, partnering with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The actor worked together to foster association with Fox TV.

As a TV host, Gloria Govan sat down on TV with top celebrities including the Earth band, Aretha Franklin, and others, such as Ted Turner, Kevin Hart. She also writes a cookbook called Favorite Recipes for A Mixed Child.

The beautiful lady gained approximately 1,5 million dollars through her hard labor.


Gloria Govan’s Body Measurements

5 foot 4 inches in height

Weight: 56 kg

Size bra: 33 B B

Body Accuracy: 33-26-33 (bust-waist-hip)

shoe: 6

Gloria Govan’s Kids, Sister

The mother of two sweet twin boys named Carter Kelly Barnes and Isaiah Michael Barnes, Gloria Govan was born on 6 November 2008. When she was still dating, she had the boys with her former partner, Matt Barton’s retired basketball player.

In 2006, Matt returned to the hometown of Glorian California after joining the Golden State Warriors, but her relationship started again. They met as children in the eighth grade. Six years until the knot was eventually tied in 2012. Sadly, their marriage crashed just 1 and 11 months after their separation on 14 October 2014, and on 21 December 2016, they finished their divorce.

They settled on child and spousal benefits after their divorce. Matt charged $5,000 child support for each son in 2016 each month, according to records. But the figure will go on until the boys turn 18, to $ 10,000 per child.

Meanwhile, from January to December 2016 Gloria received one-year of marital assistance of $20,000 a month. It was also decided that the pair should take advice on parental care in an attempt to ensure that they are able to live with each other while raising their children.

In 2018 Matt Barnes said he could not afford his ex-wife the $20,000 a month, after withdrawing from the professional basketball, to minimize his child support payment. He was pleading for a more fair reduction of his payments because the judge took him down to $7,500; that is 3,750 dollars per child.

A restraining order against Gloria Govan was released by the former basketball player in September 2018, after their children’s school arrested Basketball Wives Star for threats to the children.

As a result, Gloria was forced to remain at least 100 yards from her children and allowed to see them in the presence of a trained monitor for just four hours, once a week. Overall, the four-year custody battle Gloria fought with her former husband in favor of Matt came to an end.

Gloria Govan has Laura Govan, a younger sibling. Laura is known for appearing on Basketball Wives during the first two seasons: LA. Laura is the NBA player’s former fiancée, Gilbert Arenas. They had four children – Izela, Alijah, Hamley, and Aloni – together for 16 years, and within this time, although never married. They were all together.

The relationship between the two ladies is the opposite of the traditional sister relationship. They’re notorious for always cleaning her dirty laundry on social media, and Laura sees Gloria as the big factor contributing to her fiancée’s death, accusing her of sleeping constantly with her husband – an allegation Gloria rejected unabashedly.

In talking about their relationship in 2017 Laura said that, while they’re playing together all the time and enjoying one another so much, they really don’t have much sister relationship and that they plan to maintain this.

When she was in high school, Laura was a basketball player. She played this game so well that she received a bursary from the State University of New Mexico.

Unfortunately, her ability to compete at the professional level has been diminished due to multiple injuries. She was able to obtain a master’s of sports psychology and a bachelor’s degree in arts in International Business.

She’s not yet married at the moment. She is the CEO of, a website that sells high-end goods such as necklaces and rings.