Hall Pass in a relationship: What it means? Can one use this liberty if chance comes?

In a relationship, the term hall pass does come in sometimes. It may feel either flirty or maybe some may not like it and have a negative feeling on its mention. But do you know what hall pass means in a relationship? Let’s explore deeper to understand it.

What is a Hall Pass in a relationship?

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There was a Hollywood movie named Hall Pass released in 2011. It had a similar concept. Hall Pass is when in a romantic relationship (mostly monogamous), the lovers identify a dream person outside their relationship. This other person is usually a celebrity or a high-profile person who is generally out of reach but with whom they want to have sex with.

Hall Pass
What is Hall Pass? (Source: Dictionary)

In such a discussion, either of them gives the other their consent to venture out of the relationship for that one time with their dream person. This is called Hall Pass. But the person giving the consent is also aware that this type of intimate bonding with the person is less likely to happen in real life.

The conversation is entirely hypothetical but it makes the air light and sexy.

Can one use this Pass?

If we look at human nature, culture, and society, we see that monogamy has been ingrained into people’s head right from the start. Lovers are possessive of each other and feel jealous even if one person talks to an outsider of opposite sex. Society has made monogamy the only type of lifestyle possible. There seem to be no option apart from monogamy. Hence, in such a situation, discussing this pass just adds lightness to the conversation. But acting on it if chance comes would make things very complex. It is okay as long as it is in words and brains.

Hall Pass
Hall Pass and it’s hidden dangers (Source: Pinterest)

Additionally, there is so much of rigidness in a relationship around this point that talking about it could also harm a relationship. And people are not mature enough to discuss on it. They are also not trained to discuss it.

Rules of this special pass

So it boils down to the ground reality that though discussed hall passes are just an hypothesis. It really depends on the quantity of love and loyalty in a relationship. Besides, when one gives this pass there is also the need to talk about how much liberty comes with it. Is it limited to kissing? Sexting? Flirting? Dancing? Hand touching? Or more?

Hall Pass
Is hall pass good or bad? (Source: Pinterest)

Hence though imaginary, hall passes discussion should be an honest one with setting of boundaries for relationship outside the current relationship. In most societies, this would amount to cheating or infidelity. But it is also true that sexual needs differ within a couple and with or without hall passes discussion, cheating is likely to occur. But clear honest communication and clear agreements would make things easier for both sides. If it is an open marriage right from the start, hall passes come with that type of marriages with approval.

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