Know All About The K-pop Star Hani: Age, Real Name, Early Life, Rise to Fame, Facts

There are stunning young stars in the world of K-pop music, who make waves in the Korean entertainment industry. Hani from EXID, the South Korean girl group with a subset known as SoljiHani, formerly named Dasoni, is one such artist. Hani as the group’s face and lead vocalist has been on display since 2012. At that time, the native of Seoul has diversified into other areas including television.

 Hani’s Age, Real Name, Education, Early life

As its name suggests, Ahn Hee-Yeon is evidently a people of South Korea who were born on 1 May 1992 in Seoul. Her parents know very little, but the records tell that both of them are Yonsei University graduates but they don’t know their occupations. Ahn Hee-Yeon, however, whose only child they have called Hani since birth.

Not much detail is available on the early education of the South Korean natives, but we all know that during her elementary school days she played an active part in triathlons.

The aspiring artist entered Jiri High School for further studies after graduating from primary school. Hani’s search for university qualifications never ended with high school and she went to study psychology at Global Cyber University, but later she lost childhood aspirations and chose to go to music.

She was training for her debut under JYP Entertainment with one of her girl groups before her debut with K-pop group EXID. However, it turned a little sour after a year that Hani was cut out of the entertainment outfit. The young singer was expected to appear along with other artists including Secret’s Song Ji-Eun, Sistar’s Hyolyn, and Bestie’s Uji. The vocalist believed that it did not see potential in the business, and she subsequently visited China for a year to gain additional qualifications for the university.

The artist currently does not only form an EXID member but serves as the leading vocalist of the group as well as EXID’s face. Also in Dasoni Hani has a finger – an EXID subset. Hani appeared already on shows such as A Style for You, Off to School, and Crimen Scene before she made her group debut. She also works as a TV personality and is the host of Weekly Idol.

 More Facts About Hani

 Hani’s Body Measurement

South Korean beauty has an average body weight of 50 kg and stands at 168 cm. She wears a 24,0 cm shoe and enjoys having bob hair.

Existence of the Intimate

She prefers to be alone at the moment, according to the famous k-pop singer, because of her conviction that connections require a lot of time and effort. In his answer to the question in an interview with The Star Magazine, the singer says it’s really hard to take care of herself right now, and that’s why it doesn’t suit her to make a difference. The singer confessed to being in a romantic relationship with JYJ’s Junsu after they met in 2015, and that she was getting enough companionship from their party.

As A Member of EXID And Rise To Fame

The official debut of EXID was on 15 February 2012 with the single Whoz That Girl. Hani worked with EXID Member Heo Sol-Ji approximately a year later in February 2013 to create the Dieoni Subgroup with the debut Goodbye on the 15th of this same month. Also part of the single was the track Said So Much.

In August 2014 the EXID single Up & Down appeared, but the song did not perform well in the Gaon chart at first as it never came to be among the top 100. In the latter half of November, thanks to a fan who posted her track videos, the numbers gained popularity with time. The viral video received more than 30 million YouTube views.


Hani has not gone unnoticed the efforts of her band, the EXID, in the world of k-pop music. These include the 2016 Golden Disk Award and the Seoul Music Awards and the 2015 Gaon Chart K-Pop Award.