Heather Dubrow on RHOC reveals that her teen daughter, Kat, 15 has come out as a lesbian!

There is some news from the show Real Housewives of Orange County. One of its cast members, Heather Dubrow, 53 has a daughter named Kat. The teen is coming out as a lesbian and Heather explains on the show how she and her family are coming to terms and accepting her sexuality.

Heather Dubrow talks about her daughter Kat’s sexuality

The reality TV star of the USA, Heather Dubrow has a daughter named Kat. Kat is just 15 years old now. But she is a lesbian. She has now opened up to her family about her sexuality. Heather, 53 explained on the show those moments when her daughter came out. Her family has welcomed the teen’s sexual identity. Earlier, Heather’s elder daughter, Max who is now 18 came out as bisexual. On 8 February 2022, Heather told People:

We’ve got four kids, they are different genders, different sexualities, and all at interesting places in their lives, figuring out who they are and where they belong as humans,”

Heather Dubrow
Heather Dubrow (Source: Bravo TV)

She added:

“I felt like our purpose is to keep those conversations going in other families,”

Terry Dubrow and his stand on his children’s sexuality

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Heather’s husband is Terry Dubrow and he is 63. He is not upset or angry with the coming out of his children. The couple also has two more children. They are son Nick, 17 and Coco, 11. Terry supports his wife and children and said:

Coming out with your sexuality is something that broadly affects a lot of different people. We just want people to realize it should be part of normal conversations.”

Heather Dubrow
Heather Dubrow and her husband (Source: Hollywood Life)

Recalling about her time of childhood, she said that her parents belonged to the era of 1950s. They were never open to any discussions on this topic at that time. Heather felt that was not right. She feels that it is important to discuss on these issues with children.

About Max, Heather revealed:

She texted me and goes, ‘I’ve got to tell you something.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ She’s like, ‘I’m bisexual.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah. I know. Remember we talked about it?’”

How Kat broke the news of her lesbianism?

Heather disclosed that Kat too was talking about her sexuality for sometime but was not in a big hurry to reveal anything. Heather mentioned that day of reveal:

“Kat decided to drop in our family group text, ‘By the way, I’m a lesbian,’ ”

Heather went on to narrate:

“I didn’t see it, and I was mad because the dogs pooped in the house, so I wrote back, ‘Who let the dogs poop in the house?’ It was a total mom fail, and they’ve never let me forget that.” She added, “All I cared about was creating an environment where they all felt safe, comfortable, happy,.”

Heather Dubrow
Heather with her family (Source: Bravo TV)

Kat was worried at the start but happy to have an older sister in Max. She said:

But I’m really grateful that I have Max as an older sister, that she has already gone through all of this. Seeing my sister be so proud, and to see her be so comfortable with herself, it just makes me feel like I have nothing to worry about.”