Everything You Need To Know About The Hodgetwins: Age, Bio, Parents

The Hodgetwins had used several caps in several industries from the marine corps to be safety guards before they discovered their strength as YouTubers.

The duo also stopped briefly with an insurance company, but they were never happy with their job until their debut video was published on YouTube in 2008.

The Hodgetwins (Kevin and Keith), as stand-up comedians, you tubers, fitness professionals, and entrepreneurs with their own clothing and supplementary lines, has now gained massive popularity as well.

Behind the Hodgetwins gym are also the brains. Their videos, which have so far accumulated more than 400 million views, have been informal and hilarious.

How Old is The Hodgetwins?

Although popular as the Hodgetwins, their true names are Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge, the Americans who were born in Martinsville, Virginia, on 17 September 1975. The twins came to the Hodge family as the last children with several older siblings: a brother and a sister who know their names and profession but do not know anyone.

The Hodge family was one of the poorest in Martinsville. Keith and Kevin were grown up in their native Virginia during a rough period.

The poor background of the Hodge twins led them throughout their formative years into several vices, notably because they had no supply to eat food items from the big department stores. They weren’t proud of being caught at the event several times because they were followed by stigma.

But from the twins’ rough kindergarten, some good came still. Their situation burned in them the fire of ambition from an early age. They promised to succeed in life and therefore began to work for it. In their comedy act, the duo often referred to their unideal past.

The Hodgetwins took their passion to successfully graduate in accounting and finance at American InterContinental University. With higher academic qualifications, the situation of the twins improved still further, marking the start of the good days for both.

The Hodgetwins’s Professional Life

Keith and Kevin tried out their hands in other professions before joining the long lists of successful men and women who created a niche by means of the internet. They were employed by an insurance company at some point in their lives.

Sources have revealed that the duo began producing and uploading videos on YouTube during their days in the insurance company. It was taken as something on their side, though, before they were persuaded by the vast number of opinions they had taken to leave their employment.

They wanted to storm the Internet and started to make full-time videos on YouTube. They evolved and later began to concentrate on comedy with comments on the country’s burning problems, representing the common man’s interests.
There were quite a number of comedy tours that boosted their success to a larger degree. The duo met the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger at a certain point in their career.

The Hodgetwins’s Parents

Very little is known about the parents of the twins, however, it is known that their mother died in 2013 which was a great blow for the duo, obviously because they were close to their mother.

But their dad doesn’t know anything but it’s well known that their elderly siblings have taken care of them during their training years.

The Hodgetwins’s Body Measurement

The Hodgetwins are also very tall and stand at 6 feet, 3 inches in height, with the right bodyweight of around 98 kg. In addition to their imposing muscular construction. The details of their other measurements on the body are unknown, but it is known that they care well for their bodies.

Every day, 120 to 140 grams of protein are consumed. The twins also include their children in their day to day diets, so that they also eat healthy food. This duo sports dark brown hair and eyes.