Hulk Hogan

Terry Gene Bollea famed by his ring name Hulk Hogan is a retired professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur, and musician. He is “the most recognized wrestling star worldwide and the most popular wrestler of the 1980s” according to IGN. In the year 1977, he began his career but gained worldwide recognition after signing for World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in 1983. He subsequently won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship six times, and also holds the record for the longest reign in company history. He returned to WWE from WCW in 2002, and won the WWE championship for a sixth time, before departing in 2003. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005, and will be inducted a second time in 2020 as a member of the NWO. Moreover, he also performed for the American Wrestling Association (AWA), New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He notably won the original IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and the northern and southern iterations of the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship outside WWE.  He was the frontman for The Wrestling Boot Band, whose sole record, Hulk Rules, reached #12 on the Billboard Top Kid Audio chart in 1995. He has over 5.5 million followers on Facebook and over 1 million followers on Instagram. His fans are regularly watching his tweets on twitter under the account name of @HulksHogan. He has over 2.23 million followers there. His Instagram account is under @hulkhogan with the follower of 1.5 Million at present. 

Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant Match, Reairing on Fox Sports 1

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Famous For

  • Being one of the most popular and iconic wrestlers in WWE’s history with some even considering Hulk as the most influential in promotion’s history as he was the driving force behind their early popularity boom in the 80s and 90s.
  • For his successful stint with WCW as he managed to become a 6-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.


Who are the Parents of Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan was born on 11th August 1953 as Terry Gene Bollea which his his real name/birth name. His birthplace is in Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A on August 11, 1953. He holds a mixed ethnicity of Italian, French, Scottish, and English. He is an American by nationality. He is the youngest son of the family. His father Pete Bollea is a construction foreman and mother Ruth Bollea is a dance instructor. He also has two brothers namely Alan Bollea and Kenneth Wheeler. As per his education, he studied at Hillsborough Community College for his high school education and went to the University of South Florida to study further. Hulk was initially a baseball player and played for Little League Baseball. He became interested in wrestling after watching the shows. He was also a good guitarist. Hogan’s interest in the game never let his mind toward study and he didn’t get any degree. He also fought on small circuits in the south after his brother’s encouragement. As of 2019, he celebrated his 66th birthday. He is Leo regarding his horoscope and his religion is Christain. He has often credited his religious faith for keeping him on the right path.

How Hulk Hogan began Wrestling career?

  • He made his wrestling debut against Brian Blair on 10th August 1977 after a training for a year with Matsuda. 
  • He left Matsuda and partnered with Ed Leslie to form a tag-team and joined ‘Louie Tillet’s Alabama Territory’ and wrestled as Boulder Brothers in Alabama.
  • His first wins was registered to beat Bob Roop in Southeastern Heavyweight Championship in the year 1979.
  • In the same year, he joined WWF and defeated Harry Valdez in his first match and was defeated by Andre the Giant.
  • His first big feud with Andre the Giant happened in 1980 in which Hogan was defeated.
  • He then participated in the ‘New Japan Pro Wrestling’ in the 1980s, where he displayed more traditional and technical wrestling maneuvers and adopted the ‘Axe Bomber’ as his finishing move. 
  • He also achieved super-stardom when he won his first ‘WWF Heavyweight Championship’ belt in 1984 after defeating the Iron Sheik. 
  • He was also declared WWF champion till 1988. 
  • He was the first wrestler to win Royal Rumble Match.
  • In the year 1991, he lost to Undertaker at the Survival Series.
  • He crushed Ric Flair in his first match of World Championship Wrestling and became WCW Heavyweight Champion for 15 months. 
  • He won his second championship defeating The Giant after a year of joining WCW. 
  • In the year 1998, he won fourth WCW title be defeating Savage but lost it to Goldberg the same year.
  • He defeated Kevin Nash for his fifth ‘WCW Heavyweight Championship’ in 1999. 
  • After a few years break he returned to WWF in 2002. 
  • He won his first WWE World Tag Team Championship with Edge as his partner. 
  • Against Brock Lesnar, he lost his consciousness, and Lesnar thrashed him mercilessly.
  • As a result, Hogan went on a hiatus.
  • He defeated Vince McMahon in ‘WrestleMania XIX’ in 2003.
  • He disguised himself as Mr. America and debuted on SmackDown.
  • On May 1, Mr. America debuted on SmackDown! on a Piper’s Pit segment. McMahon appeared and claimed that Mr. America was Hogan in disguise; Mr. America shot back by saying, “I am not Hulk Hogan, brother!” (lampooning Hogan’s use of “brother” in his promos).


  • Mr. America’s last WWE appearance was on the June 26 episode of SmackDown! when Big Show and The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) defeated Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Mr. America in a six-man tag team match.
  • He returned to NJPW in October 2003, when he defeated Masahiro Chono at Ultimate Crush II in the Tokyo Dome.
  • On 2nd April 2005, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2005 by actor and friend Sylvester Stallone.
  • He then appeared on July 4 episode of Raw, as the special guest of Carlito on his talk-show segment Carlito’s Cabana. 
  • He was lured to Memphis Wrestling with the proposal of wrestling Jerry Lawler.
  • He defeated Wight at Memphis Wrestling’s PMG Clash of Legends on 27th April 2007 when he picked up and hit a body slam on Wight before pinned him following his signature running leg drop.
  • On November 21, 24, 26 and 28, Hogan performed with a group of wrestlers including Spartan-3000, Heidenreich, Eugene, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake and Orlando Jordan across Australia in a tour titled Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin. 
  • On 27th October 2009, it was announced that he had signed a contract to join TNA on a full-time basis.
  • On 5th December 2009, he announced on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)’s The Ultimate Fighter that he would be making his official TNA debut on 4th January 2010.
  • On the 18th February episode of Impact!, he took Abyss under his wing, and during this sequence, gave him his Hall of Fame ring and claimed it would make him a “god of wrestling”.
  • In July 2012, he alongside Sting, began feuding with a mysterious group of masked men, who had dubbed themselves the “Aces & Eights”.
  • He made his first WWE in-ring appearance since December 2007 to hype the WWE Network on 24th February 2014. 
  • On 27th February 2015, he was honored at Madison Square Garden during a WWE live event dubbed “Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night” with a special commemorative banner hanging from the rafters, honoring his wrestling career and historic matches he had in the arena.
  • On 24th July 2015, WWE terminated their contract with Hogan, stating that they are “committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds”, although Hogan’s lawyer said Hogan chose to resign.
  • His DLC appearance from WWE 2K15 was taken down from sale, and his character was cut from then-upcoming WWE 2K16 game during development.
  • On 15th July 2018, he was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • He next appeared on the 7th January 2019 episode of Raw to present a tribute to his longtime friend and colleague Mean Gene Okerlund, who had died five days prior. 
  • On 6th April 2019, he inducted his Mega-Maniacs tag team partner and longtime friend Brutus Beefcake into the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • On the 22nd July 2019, Raw, Hogan appeared as part of the “Raw Reunion” special.
  • On 9th December 2019, it was announced that he would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame a second time as a member of the New World Order, together with fellow former nWo stablemates Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman.
  • Apart from wrestling, he has his fans in his successful acting career too. Some of his movies are Rocky III, No Holds Barred, Spy Hard and Santa with Muscles. 
  • In 2001, Hogan guest-starred on an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.
  • He has become a busy voice actor in later years making guest voice spots on Robot Chicken and American Dad! and as a primary actor in the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim series China, Illinois.
  • In 2015, Hogan was a judge on the sixth season of Tough Enough.

What are the Awards and Achievements Hulk Hogan has achieved?

Hogan has many achievements as a WCW Heavyweight Champion, WWF  Heavyweight Champion Belt and much more. Apart from it he also won the award for Favourite Male Athlete in 1988 by Blimp award and he was also nominated for Teen Choice Award in the category TV-Choice Reality Star (Male). He was honored as the 2008 King of the Krewe of Bacchus, a New Orleans carnival organization. He was inducted in the Boys and Girls Club Alumni Hall of Fame on May 3, 2018.

Some of his championship and accomplishments include:

New Japan Pro-Wrestling

  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship (original version) (1 time)
  • IWGP League Tournament (1983)
  • MSG Tag League Tournament (1982, 1983) – with Antonio Inoki
  • Greatest 18 Club

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum

  • Class of 2003

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

  • Comeback of the Year (1994, 2002)
  • Feud of the Year (1986) vs. Paul Orndorff
  • Inspirational Wrestler of the Year (1983, 1999)
  • Match of the Year (1985) with Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff at WrestleMania I
  • Match of the Year (1988) vs. André the Giant at The Main Event I
  • Match of the Year (1990) vs. The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI
  • Match of the Year (2002) vs. The Rock at WrestleMania X8
  • Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (1996, 1998)
  • Most Popular Wrestler of the Year (1985, 1989, 1990)
  • Wrestler of the Year (1987, 1991, 1994)
  • Ranked No. 1 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 1991
  • Ranked No. 1 of the top 500 singles wrestlers of the PWI Years in 2003
  • Ranked No. 44 and No. 57 of the top 100 tag teams of the PWI Years with Antonio Inoki and Randy Savage in 2003

Southeastern Championship Wrestling

  • NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship (Northern Division) (1 time)
  • NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship (Southern Division) (2 times)

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Strongest Wrestler (1983)
  • Best Babyface (1982-1991)
  • Best Box Office Draw (1997)
  • Best Gimmick (1996) as a member of New World Order
  • Feud of the Year (1986) vs. Paul Orndorff
  • Most Charismatic (1985-1987, 1989-1991)
  • Most Embarrassing Wrestler (1995, 1996, 1999, 2000)
  • Most Obnoxious (1994, 1995)
  • Most Overrated (1985-1987, 1994-1998)
  • Most Unimproved (1994, 1995)
  • Readers’ Least Favorite Wrestler (1985, 1986, 1991, 1994-1999)
  • Worst Feud of the Year (1991) vs. Sgt. Slaughter
  • Worst Feud of the Year (1995) vs. The Dungeon of Doom
  • Worst Feud of the Year (1998) vs. The Warrior
  • Worst Feud of the Year (2000) vs. Billy Kidman
  • Worst on Interviews (1995)
  • Worst Wrestler (1997)
  • Worst Worked Match of the Year (1987) vs. André the Giant at WrestleMania III
  • Worst Worked Match of the Year (1996) with Randy Savage vs. Arn Anderson, Meng, The Barbarian, Ric Flair, Kevin Sullivan, Z-Gangsta, and The Ultimate Solution in a Towers of Doom match at Uncensored
  • Worst Worked Match of the Year (1997) vs. Roddy Piper at SuperBrawl VII
  • Worst Worked Match of the Year (1998) vs. The Warrior at Halloween Havoc
  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame (Class of 1996)

Who is the wife of Hulk Hogan?


Hulk Hogan is a married man and he is married twice. Firstly, Hulk Hogan started dating Linda Claridge in 1981. They had first met at a restaurant in Los Angeles and started dating soon after. He married Linda Claridge on 18th December 1983. The couple was happily married to a daughter Brooke and a son Nick. They were featured in a show Hogan Know Best, where he stated about his personal life. After 14 years of their successful relationship, the couple broke up due to Hogan’s affair with another actress. On 20th November 2007, Linda filed for divorce in Pinellas County, Florida. In November 2008, Linda claimed to the public that she made the decision to end her marriage after finding out about Hogan’s affair. Bollea only retained around 30% of the couple’s liquid assets totaling around $10 million in the divorce settlement. Hogan also committed suicide after the divorce but was saved by Laila Ali, his co-star. Later, he went into a relationship with Jennifer McDaniel and after a year of the successful relationship, the couple got engaged and later married on 14th December 2010, in Florida. At present, the married couple is enjoying their life a lot. His sexual orientation is straight and he is not a gay. 

How much is Hulk Hogan’s Net Worth as of 2020?

Hulk Hogan is a very successful wrestler and he has reached at the great height in his career. He has many achievements and many organizations want to be attached to his name and fame. He has a tremendous fame and he has a net worth of $25 million as of 2020 according to sources. There is no information about his salary and net worth. Moreover, he has endorsed Legends of Wrestling, Trivial Pursuit, 10-10-220 (also did print ads), Arby’s Harris Teeter Supermarket Store Brands, Hitachi, Rent-A-Center Stores, Honey Nut Cheerios, Super Beta Prostate Tablets, Ageless Male Supplements,, Right Guard’s Sport Sticks Antiperspirant and Deodorant (also did print ads). His cars collection are Dodge Charger SRT-8, Chevrolet Tahoe, Nissan GT-R, Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10 Yellow Fever, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and more. He is living a luxurious lifestyle as of now. 

How tall is Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan’s body build is bodybuilder. He has the height of 6 feet and 7 inches and has a balanced bodyweight of 137 kg or 302 lbs. He has the biceps of 24 inches, his waist size is 37 inches and Chest is 58 inches. His hair color is Blonde and eyes are blue. With his advancing age, his hair has turned silver. His mustache is handlebar mustache and he always wears a bandanna. Overall, he has got a healthy body and he is a handsome hunk. He has suffered numerous health problems, particularly with his back since retiring as a wrestler following the years of heavy weight training and jolting as a wrestler. 

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