Hunter Biden, the second son of US President Joe Biden was infidel and into drugs, his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle reveals

There is some explosive details available about Hunter Biden, the second son of the current US President, Joe Biden. Hunter’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle is releasing a memoir soon. It reveals about Hunter’s addiction and adultery.

Kathleen Buhle and her tell-all memoir on Hunter Biden and her life with him

Kathleen Buhle is the ex-wife of the second son of the current US President, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden. She is launching her memoir soon and it gives an insight of her life with her ex-husband, Hunter. The upcoming tell-all memoir is called If We Break: A Memoir of Mariage, Addiction, and Healing. Additionally, Kathleen also gave an interview to People magazine and stated that Hunter’s addiction put a great strain on their marriage. She said:

When my marriage ended, I felt like I’d lost my sense of who I was. Anyone who has seen addiction ruin a relationship, or been through infidelity and divorce, can tell you how devastating it feels. But what I also realized through those crushing experiences is that I needed to find a way to stand on my own.”

Hunter Biden
Kathleen Buhle and Hunter Hidden (Source: Radar Online)

The book will come on the stands on 14 June 2022. The publisher calls it a “book of story of resilience and self-discovery.”

Kathleen and Hunter: the relationship

Hunter and Kathleen dated and wed in 1993. They have three daughters together. They are Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy. After a marital relationship of nearly 24 years, Kathleen filed for divorce in 2017. She had alleged that Hunter was into alcohol, women, drugs, and strip clubs. He had blew all his money on these vices.

After writing the memoir, Kathleen feels some solace. She wants to share her experiences with her readers so that they too can learn from it. She said:

“Writing this book has been incredibly healing for me. And my hope is it will be meaningful to those who have been through addiction or divorce, and especially to women who have felt like their entire identity was tied to their spouse. In the end, divorce allowed me to find my strength.”

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden and ex-first wife, Kathleen (Source: Radar Online)

Hunter and his memoir and problems

The second son of Joe Biden, Hunter, was having illicit relationships with a multitude of women. Photos of his intimate moments with them who were mostly female sex workers got online in 2021. He was in different sexual positions with different women. The photos are old-dated but fell into the hands of the wrong person after he gave his laptop to repair at a Delaware shop in April 2019. The same year, a woman named Lunden Roberts filed a case against Hunter claiming child support for their child. He denied that he was the father of their child but paternity test proved that he had fathered the child. Hunter settled the matter with the former stripper by paying her some money.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden with Melissa and Joe Biden (Source: New York Post)

The lawyer, Hunter had his own memoir called Beautiful Things in which he narrated about his addiction. He stated that he used to drink a quart of vodka per day. After he separated from Kathleen he started a relationship with the audio of his late brother, Beau Biden, Hallie. Later, he met Melissa Cohen in 2019 and started dating her. They exchanged wedding vows in 2020 and have a child together now.

Short bio on Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is an American lawyer and the second son of Joe Biden with his first wife. More bio…