HyunA and her boyfriend of 6 years, DAWN are engaged!

It looks like South Korean singer, HyunA, 29 and her boyfriend, DAWN have taken their relationship one step higher. They have probably had an engagement. DAWN shared a video on his social media and in that the couple was in matching  ring sets that looked really pretty.

HyunA and DAWN: are they engaged?

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South Korean singer, HyunA is probably engaged to her boyfriend, DAWN. DAWN had uploaded a video on his Instagram on 3 February 2022. In this video, DAWN and HyunA are seen. They are wearing matching ring sets. Additionally, he put the caption to this post:


HyunA and DAWN are engaged (Source: Soompi)

HyunA whose real name is Kim Hyun-ah reposted the same post on her social media. But she put a different caption to it:

“Of course it’s a Yes.”

She also put a photo of the matching rings and wrote for her 17.1 million fans:

Thank you, thank you, always thank you.”

The relationship timeline of the couple

Kim Hyun-ah and DAWN started dating in the year 2016. The clue came when in May 2016, Kim had said:

“While he was not officially credited, E’Dawn really helped a lot with my album.”

But they went public with their relationship only 2 years later in 2018.

On 2 August 2018, reports emerged that the Triple H members Kim and DAWN, 27 are romancing. The news piece stated that E’Dawn’s birthday falls on 1 June, and HyunA’s birthday is on 6 June. But the two celebrated it together on 4 June and had a party for it inviting their friends too. At that time, they denied their relationship. Their agency Cube Entertainment had commented:

“HyunA and E’Dawn are not dating. This is groundless [news].”

HyunA and DAWN (Source: Allkpop)

But the very next day on 3 August, Yonhap news revealed that the coupe personally shared with them that they are in a relationship for last two years. The source added that they wanted to go public so that they both can stand with confusion front of their millions of fans. They said:

“While we knew that [dating publicly] would cause us to be linked in some way, both of us felt that it would be hard to meet our fans’ eyes [while performing] on stage. We wanted to honestly tell our fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing.”

It has been a smooth ride for the two of them with no significant frictions or problems during the courtship period. Hence, they decided to take their relationship one step higher. DAWN proposed to her and she said yes.

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HyunA’s and DAWN’s career

DAWN is South Korean songwriter and rapper. In July 2016, he debuted with Pentagon group of Cube Entertainment. He was called E’Dawn at that time and worked as rapper and dancer. The group had their first EP called Pentagon. The next year in April he joined Triple H. Hui and Kim were with him. 199X EP released the same year.

HyunA and DAWN (Source: Koreaboo)

The couple left Cube Entertainment and later signed with PSY’s label, P NATION, in 2019. And on 5 November 2019, he went solo. He released his first single called Money. The two released another single last year called Party, Feel, Love. They also released their duet EP.