Jake Burton Carpenter

Jake Burton was an American skier (snowboarding trailblazer). Burton was popularly known as the creator of the modern snowboard. Also a champion sportsman, Burton. Burton was the inventor of the modern sport of snowboarding. On November 20, Jake Burton died as a result of testicular cancer.

Who was he known for?

  • Widely regarded as the father of the Burton Snowboarderboard Industry

Where was Jake Burton From?

Jake Burton Carpenter was born on April 29, 1954 in Cedarhurst, New York. His first name was Jacob. He was an American. Burton is a Pisces while Taurus is his Zodiac sign.

He was the youngest of his parents’ four children, who were born. He attended Brooks School and after graduation, he went on to study at The Marvelwood School.

When he enrolled at the University of Colorado, he was unable to participate in the ski team because of his accident. Next, he went to NYU and obtained a degree in economics.

Career highlights

  • Initially, Jake wanted to work at a ski area in Londerry, Vermont. Then he improved on a basic snowboard. In addition, he had already sold his snowboards.
  • Most snowboard designers of this era, by the year 1970, were members of the Cadre. In 1977, he started Snowboards by his barn in Vermont.
  • By helping to turn snowboarding into a popular sport in the 1990s, he has shaped the current world competition levels. The British skier Burton brought snowboarding to the forefront in the US.
  • Burton has been manufacturing snowboards and snowboards since the 1980s. Suicide Six ski resort also hosted the first U.S. Snowboarding Championship in 1982.
  • In addition, Burton was a champion Olympian as well. He was sort of a sports father figure of the new to the youth movement

Who was Jake Burton’s killer?

Jake Burton Carpenter died on November 20th, 2019 due to testicular cancer. Burton Carpenter died in Vermont as a result of his cancer. Two months ago, Burton was diagnosed with cancer again. He was previously diagnosed with cancer in 2011, after which it was treated. Burton gave up and died.

Earlier, Burton Carpenter suffered from a condition called Miller Fisher syndrome, which left him paralyzed for weeks. He was bedridden for weeks.

Who was he married to?

Jake Burton Carpenter married his long-time sweetheart, Donna Burton. She currently runs the Burton company. They met when Donna was 28 while Donna was 10 years younger than that. And then they had three boys—Timmy, George, and Taylor.

“Jake Burton’s Net Worth”

Jake Burton popularized snowboarding. Burton had amassed $1 million dollars through numerous contracts and other deals. On his death bed net worth was said to be $100 million.

How tall was he?

Snowboarding the 75-year-old snowboarder, Jake Burton Carpenter was quite attractive. with light complexion, as well as eyes and hair

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