Jake Patterson

Jake Patterson is an American convict kidnapper and a murderer.

Jake Patterson is an American convict kidnapper and a murderer. He murdered James Closs and Denise Closs and kidnapped their 13-years old daughter Jayme Lynn Closs from her family home in Barron, Wisconsin on 15 October 2018. Patterson held her in captivity for 88 days in a cabin 70 miles away from rural Gordon, Wisconsin. Closs escaped from thereafter being held captive for 88 days. Patterson was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of kidnapping. He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole plus an additional 40 years.

What is Jake Patterson Famous For?

– Murdered James Closs and Denise Closs and kidnapped their 13-year old daughter, Jayme Closs.

Where was Jake Patterson Born?

Jake Patterson was born on 17 June 1997. His birth name is Jake Thomas Patterson. He was born in the United States. He holds an American nationality. Information about his parents is unavailable. His parents were divorced (2007).

He attended Northwood High School in nearby Minong, Wisconsin, where he graduated in 2015.

He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps but he was discharged after one month at MCRD San Diego.


Jake Patterson went to Closs family residence in rural Barron, Wisconsin around 12.50 am on 15 October 2018. He was wearing a black coat and a ski mask and approached the front door of the home carrying a pump-action shotgun.

James Closs reached the door and Patterson shot him. Patterson then entered the house looking for other members of Closs family, Denise Closs and their daughter, Jayme Lynn Closs. He founded them inside the bathroom. Denise managed to make a 911 call but she did not speak. The operator on the other line heard the disturbance before the phone call was disconnected. The dispatcher called the number back, but they reached Denise’s voicemail.

Patterson shot Denise and bound Jayme’s wrists and ankles using duct tape. He then dragged Jayme out of the house and placed her in the trunk of his car and drove away. Less than a minute later, the police arrived at the scene but Patterson had already fled away.

A $50,000 reward was announced for information leading to her recovery.

Patterson held Closs captive in secret at a cabin owned by his father in South Eau Claire Acres Circle in Gordon, Wisconsin for 88 days. He would force her to hide under his bed to conceal her presence when his family members came to the cabin to visit him. And he used to barricade Closs under the bed with tote bags, laundry bins, and weights stack around it before leaving the cabin from time to time. He used to tell her that he would know if she tried to move them while he was gone.

Patterson left home for a couple of hours on the afternoon of 10 January 2019. Closs managed to escape and ran from there. He came across a local woman walking her dog who recognized Closs from a news report and immediately took her to a neighbor’s house and called the police. Closs described Patterson and his vehicle that led to his arrest.

Charges, Sentencing

He confessed to police that he had kidnapped Jayme Closs and killed James and Denise Closs. He had no previous criminal history in Wisconsin. He was charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping, and one count of armed burglary on 14 January 2019. His bail amount was set at $5 million cash.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of intentional first-degree homicide and one count of kidnapping. The judge dismissed the armed burglary count. The judge sentenced him to a maximum of two consecutive life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole for the murders plus an additional 40 years for the kidnapping on 24 March 2019.

Who is Jake Patterson Dating? Where does he live?

He is reportedly single. No news regarding his affair has surfaced. He lived in 14166 South Eau Claire Acres Circle, Gordon, Wisconsin, U.S.

What are Jake Patterson Body Measurements?

Jake Patterson stands at a height of 1.83 m i.e. 6 feet tall. He has a bodyweight of 215 lbs i.e. 98 kg. He has an average body build.

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