Jennifer Lopez talks about the harsh criticism she received on first dating Ben Affleck in 2002! Will they marry this time?

Jennifer Lopez is doing the promotional tour for her rom-com Marry Me. She also penned an article in Rolling Stone on it. She opened up about her rekindled romance with actor Ben Affleck. This is the second time that the couple of together again.

Jennifer Lopez and talks of the criticism when she first dated Ben Affleck

Actress cum singer, Jennifer Lopez has opened up about the intended and harsh criticism that she faced when she dated Ben Affleck for the first time. This was from 2002 to early 2004. Jennifer recalled:

It was brutal,”

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Ben in 2002 (Source: Insider)

She tried to overlook the racist comments at that time but it was hard to completely ignore them. It affected her and their relationship. Jennifer explained:

It’s one of those things that you bury very deeply so you can move on and get about your business.”

“It’s funny because Ben and I were together, and we were so in love. It was one of the happiest times of my life. But also, there was this other thing happening where we were being criticized, and it really destroyed our relationship from the inside out, because we were just too young to understand at that time what were really the most important things in life.”

Jennifer is confident at her second time relationship with Ben

The actress feels that her rekindled romance with Ben will not fade. It will last and not get over. Will they split again? She feels no:

“I don’t think we would have got back together if we thought that was where it was headed.”

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The couple reunited and went public in April 2021 when they were seen together. But it was in July 2021, that the couple went Instagram official about their relationship. It was Jennifer’s 52nd birthday celebration and she posted in her Instagram a kissing selfie of the two.

Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez (Source: Women Health)

Jennifer remains motivated and always goes after what she wants. She said:

“I’m an underdog. I always feel like I was scrapping from the bottom. Always. That’s part of being Puerto Rican and from the Bronx and a woman.”

Will Jennifer marry Ben this time?

In November 2021, when asked about marriage with Ben, Jennifer told People:

“I don’t know. Yeah, I guess. I mean, you know me. I’m a romantic, I always have been. I’ve been married a few times,”

Jennifer had three marriages and three divorces until now. In 1997 she wed waiter Ojani Noa in 1997 but a year later in 1998 the couple had called it quits. Later, in 2001, she married Cris Judd. The marriage collapsed in 2003. Her marriage to Marc Anthony happened in 2004 and lasted longer for a decade. They separated in 2014.

Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez (Source: Pink Villa)

She added:

“I still believe in happily ever after, for sure. One hundred percent.”

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