Who is Jerry Solomon? Know All About Jerry Solomon’s Wife Age, Bio, Career, Awards

The name Nancy Kerrigan is familiar to most sports enthusiasts, but the name Jerry Solomon can raise the eyes. But rather than being a famous spouse, the summary of Solomon speaks volumes of his own personality as an innovator.

After it’s wrong twice, the former Olympic figure skating star seems to make a lasting impression. You ought to know surprisingly about the sports officer, the producer, the writer, the husband, and the father.

Who is Jerry Solomon?

The son of Roberta Madison and Edward D. Salomon. Jerry Lawrence Solomon is the son. Although his exact date of birth is not certain, we know he was born in 1954. Solomon’s life in California is thought to have been comfortable as his father was a successful businessman in the 80’s. His father Edward was formerly CEO of the Shoe-Town Inc. retail chain.

The academic records of Solomon show that he completed secondary school, and then graduated from California University, Los Angeles (UCLA). He also holds a master’s degree in international business from Colombia University.

Jerry Solomon has succeeded in moving in his career from one role to the next. In the early 1990s, he set up a name as a sports agent for several sporting legends in the sports industry.

He first served as the Volvo Grand Prix tennis director and then moved to ProServ after five years, where he was appointed Senior Vice President, Marketing Chairperson. During ProServ he met and became her manager with Nancy Kerrigan, his future wife. As manager of Nancy, Solomon has contributed to the success of a professional skater in various profitable deals with top brands, including Reebok, Campbell Soup Company, and Revlon.

From ProServ to Stargames LLC, Jerry Solomon moved to his own company. He is currently the CEO and President. As a managing producer, Jerry offers some TV shows, such as Dreams on Ice and the World of Skiing, World of Tennis, and much more from Nancy Kerrigan. He also plays underneath some movies, including Great Pair Ice and The Easter Egg Adventure. As an author, Solomon has a book on the management of sports events.

Jerry Solomon’s Prizes and awards

The hard work and commitment of Jerry Solomon to the industry have paid off to date. He is seen as one of the most influential and one of the best sports managers in the company. He has received inductions to the Hall of Fame Personal Managers as well as to the Jewish National Sports Hall of Fame. Moreover, he has once been named one of the Top 100 Sporting News Sports Magazine’s most powerful people and one of the Top 25 Most Influential Skate Figure International Skate People.

Nancy Kerrigan’s Husband Jerry Solomon

Jerry Solomon has a very successful and interesting portfolio, although it is best known for its better half as Nancy Kerrigan. He is an industry star that shies away from the flamboyance of television and media. Solomon prefers to have a low profile as a professional and works mostly behind the scenes.

The children and marriage of Jerry Solomon to Nancy Kerrigan
The American professional skater Nancy Kerrigan’s Jerry Solomon is best-known as a husband. Solomon was more than another important Kerrigan, as he doubles as its director. On September 9, 1995, in Boston, the couple who began dating in the mid-1990s tied the knot. The couple has three kids together (two boys and a girl.) In 1996 they were welcomed by their first son Matthew, and in 2005 their first boy was born, and in 2008 their daughter Nicole was born.

Contrary to expectations, for almost three decades Jerry and Nancy were able to build a long-term bond. Although the power couple was inseparable to date, their journey of love was not without a story. While Solomon is the first husband of Kerrigan, the same is not true of the manager who was married to the professional skater two times before he came together.

Solomon and Nancy allegedly met with his second wife, Kathy for the first time while he was marketing management at ProServ. Since the figure-scooter started to represent Nancy as the manager in 1992, the reason behind the separation of Solomon and Kathy in October 1993 was once accused. Jerry and Nancy allegedly started dating before his breakup, but the duo strongly rejected allegations that their romance only started in the summer of 1994. Jerry has two other sons from his previous weddings as well as his children with Nancy.

Additional Information Related to Nancy Kerrigan

Nancy Kerrigan, the wife of Jerry Solomon, is a skater professional. A successful athlete for the 1992 Winter Olympic Games and the 1994 Winter Olympics, she is both a bronze medalist and a silver medalist. Kerrigan left the active competition that same year following the latter tournament, held in Lillehammer, Norway. She then appeared at occasional exhibitions of skating. Although retired, the name of Kerrigan still speaks in the sport for her.

Some blows were handled in their union by Kerrigan and Solomon. One is the disclosure that, while Nancy tried to have children, she suffered no less than six devastating errors.