Jill Martin writes about her two engagements with Erik Brooks with a breakup in between!

Today show contributor, Jill Martin, 45 spoke about her re-engagement to her ex-fiance, Erik Brooks. The two broke up in early 2020 just before the coronavirus pandemic. But now the two have matured and grown, she says, and their love is stronger.

Jill Martin and her re-engagement to her former fiancé, Erik Brooks

Jill Martin is a contributor to Today Show. She wrote an article about her life for Today.com. In this, she talked about her relationship with her former fiancé, Erik before and now and how she had two engagements with him.

After their split in early 2020, the two took a long pause in their relationship. But earlier this year, she decided to call him up and reconnect with him. It was after they had not spoken to each other for nearly 18 months. This happened on a Thursday afternoon and soon the two started talking as if they had never split. They realized that the love between them had never died out.

Jill Martin
Jill Martin and Erik second engagement (Source: People)

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Their second engagement was a beautiful and different one. It was in the Bahamas on a beach after the two had a ride on a fishing boat. Jill recollected:

“Erik simply said, ‘I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with you.’ And we were engaged. Again,”

Jill’s previous relationship with Erik

Jill and Erik were dating each other for nearly 3 years. But it was a long-distance relationship. Their first engagement was in 2019 and it was an extravagant affair. But the pandemic took its toll on their relationship. It was difficult to maintain it due to the long distance between them. Hence they split in early 2020. They had started fighting more. Remembering it, Jill wrote:

“Deciding to end our engagement last year was heart-wrenching. I used to say, ‘It literally takes my breath away to picture my life without him.’ But our relationship couldn’t stay the way it was. We needed a pause. A long pause. And we took it,”

“Even though we were fighting and hurting each other to what I thought was an irreparable place, I never thought our relationship would break. But it did. … After almost three years of a near fairy tale, the lows became more overwhelming than the highs. It wasn’t working. We were arguing more than we were getting along. Energetically, the timing wasn’t right. We both still needed to grow. It took falling apart to build ourselves back together.”

Jill Martin
Jill and her first engagement (Source: Pinterest)

The couple’s relationship after their second engagement

After the breakup, Jill worked on herself. When she was certain that she has tried to overcome her weaknesses, she reached out to Erik. She elaborated:

“We wanted to make sure this time would be different. Better. I love the way Erik loves me, but I also love how I feel about myself when I am with him. I am the best version of myself when we are together. I feel confident, smart and happy. We laugh all the time. While we still fight sometimes, we limit the drama. Misunderstandings that used to last for a weekend now last minutes,”

Jill Martin (Source: Getty Images)
Jill Martin (Source: Getty Images)

So Jill’s love story is back on track! Congratulations to the couple!

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