Jo Koy

This record-breaking comedian doesn’t have a world-ready; Jo Koy has an explosive and energetic sense of humor to sell quicker than light and burn.

He is here to remain. He inspires his family particularly, and apparently, his fans feel like that, with most of his jokes. His appearances included The Tonight shows and two comedy specials that were popular at Comedy Central. Continue reading to find out more about this popular Philippine-American comic book.

About Jo Koy

Joseph Glenn Herbert was originally named Jo Koy, and he was born to an American dad and a Filipino dad on 2 June 1971. So, Jo Koy has both ancestors in the European United States and in the Philippines both. Growing up, the family moved a lot from Spanaway to Tacoma, Washington, and settled in Las Vegas. They moved from the city of Spanaway in Washington.

Jo Koy attended Spanaway Lake High School for his high school education and finished in Tacoma’s Foss High School. This regular environmental change may have played a role in shaping Jo into a very diverse and open-minded person. He was accepted to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, but he left his college to focus on standup comedy.

The idea behind the stage name “Jo Koy” had been asked several questions, and this talented comedian said it was very easy to come up with the name because it comes from the nickname that his family named him when he was growing up.

Jo Koy’s Career

It’s not easy to scale the ladder in the comedy world. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance and Jo Koy seems to have realized this very early. As for his development in comedy and performance, the comedian says he pays his mom the credit for her talent, as long as he was a young child. With this encouragement, Jo Koy decided to move to Las Vegas and started playing in a coffee house in Las Vegas.

In a comedy club in Las Vegas Area, Jo Koy’s career officially started in 1994. His talent quickly became undeniable and he became a frequent performer at the Catch a Rising Star, a show featuring at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Towards such an enormous platform, this ambitious boy rented the Huntridge Theater and allegedly sold tickets to his first show by going from door to door. This boy trusted him for his own show.

Jo Koy is certainly not a stranger to TV, as he has appeared on shows such as Comic View by BET, Jay Leno and Chelsea Lately with other comedians, Chelsea Handler, among others. She is also a part of a TV show. Jo Koy, along with his comedian Michael Yo, launched the podcast on July 23, 2012. The Michael Yo and Jo Koy Show is not only conquering the visual but also the audio world.

Jo Koy’s Family

This highly popular comedian is very private in his home life, but we know his family:

Josie Harrison is his mother’s name and in 1948 she was born. She is a Philippine resident from the City of Quezon. The busy, caring mother reportedly only worked for her children in two jobs. Both jobs were a banker at Wells Fargo and a restaurant hostess. Especially, in her home country of the Philippines, her mother was an actress. Jo Koy also recognizes his mother’s achievements by saying that his support provided him with a boost in his comedian career.

The U.S. Air Force was his father’s. Unfortunately, at a young age, Jo Koy was alienated from his father and when he was just 13 years old his parents divorced him. But he was not missing in his lives a fatherly figure, as his mom soon remarried a postal worker formerly an American army soldier.

Jo Koy’s got two mothers, Gemma Herbert and Rowena Hebert. He shares a close friendship with his siblings and shared numerous photos and videos where he loves and enjoys him. This is certainly a man who is passionate about his family.

Jo Koy’s Marriage

Jo Koy married the Philippine-American singer Angie King. A few years after the node was bonded, the couple split. Although separated, they know that their teamwork makes the dream work in terms of raising their son. He’s really nice with Angie and she’s even encouraging his shows on her Instagram profile.

Jo Koy is in touch with a lovely young lady named Amy Bray, which is loudly featured on his Instagram profile. As a result, on April 30, 2017, the two love birds were engaged. In wedding bells, we keep our fingers crossed.

Jo Koy’s son became an interest to his fans. The bottom of all his jokes. On 21 April 2003, with his ex-wife, Angie King, he had his son, Joseph Herbert Jr. Jo Koy’s son is heavily interested in his comedy, and his latest special Netflix stand-up limits himself to being a son’s dad.

Net Worth
Jo Koy has been fruitful throughout his life as a stand-up comic, and he definitely helped him improve his value in finance. The comedian has an approximate net value of 1.5 million dollars.