Joel Osteen

The American Televangelist Joel Osteen is a husband and a father of two, the senior Pastor in Houston, Texas. He has written several books, including seven best sellers in the New York Times, and his TV sermons attract more than 7 million viewers a week, with 20 million people a month all over the world. The sermons by Osteen are primarily motivational and broadcast on Sirius XM satellite channel 128 24 hours a day.

Who is Joel Osteen?

Joel Osteen was born on March 5, 1968, and was one of the six kids of Dolores Pilgrim and of the South Baptist Pastor John Osteen who were the Lakewood Church founders.

Osteen graduated from high-school in Humble City in 1981 and studied radio and television communication at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, and Oklahoma. In 1982, however, he left the business to set up Lakewood TV programs based on the sermons of his father. Osteen was happy behind the camera for 17 years until January 1999 instead of preaching on the stage.

Joel Osteen’s Career Life

In spite of his father’s encouragement, Osteen resisted the idea of taking the church stage. But after a heart attack unexpectedly died from the founder of the Lakewood Church, it was unavoidable.

Six days before his father’s death, he delivered his first sermon and has been daily since, rising from 5,000 to 4 3,000 in church attendance. The Lakewood Church has purchased and restored the Compaq Center which used to be the home of the NBA Houston Rockets with its tremendous population growth. The renovation lasted up to a year and three months (2003-2005), with five stories adding to capacity for $105 million. It has been documented.

The launch of the church in 2005 marked a great opportunity for about 56 000 people, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Nancy Pelosi, Chief of the House of Minorities. Lakewood church services are now being televised in over a hundred countries while Osteen is recognized by leading figures including Barbara Walters and former presidential candidate John McCain as one of the most interesting and inspiring pastors and writers.

Joel Osteen has described his preaching style as more based on the goodness of God and the life of obedience. In a good mindset he underlines the strength of love. Since 2004 he has published more than 35 novels. In October 2004, Time Warner publishing his first novel, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential, which stayed on the bestseller for 200 weeks. The force I am, the new beginning, your time, every day a Friday, etc., belong to other books.

Osteen published a second book entitled Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Change Your Life Every Day in October 2007, after the huge success of his first book. More than four million copies were printed and sold, also a big success.

Joel Osteen’s Net Worth

The last estimated net worth of Osteen was between 40 and 60 million dollars. He once said he does not receive a salary of 70 million dollars as a pastor in the Church’s yearly budget, but he depends on his book’s revenues. In River Oak, Houston, the pastor and his family reside in a mansion of 17,000 square feet valued at 10.5 million dollars. He described his sermons as a prosperous gospel, which Osteen says is not a reasonable assessment. According to him, wealth, health, children, peace of mind, and money are necessary because God desires his people to be excellent so that others can be a blessing.

Joel Osteen’s Wife, Son, Daughter

In 1987, Osteen married Joel and his co-pastor, Victoria Iloff, with two kids; a Jonathan son and Alexandra Osteen daughter. Also a prolific author and member of Lakewood’s Ministry of Women, Victoria Osteen is. She grew up with her parents in the Church of Christ, Houston, Texas, like her husband.

The Osteen family participates actively in the ministry of the church. Paul, Lisa, Tamara, his elder siblings, and his younger sister, all of whom are full-time church ministers during the missionary work carried out by his half-brother Justin, who sits in New York.

Rumors of Divorce

Joel Osteen has been a public figure and has had a very close analysis of marriage and family life in the past. The pair seem content and happy to be together for their whole life, after more than 30 years of marriage blessed with a son and daughter. There has been no good scrutiny, and there is no rumor or dispute in their marriage as a result. Victoria Osteen once spoke about her marriage and said that she had to learn to adapt, to adjust, to make the everyday choice to build her house on unconditional love.