Know Whether John Amos is Dead or Not. Also Know His Age, bio, Career, Family

John Amos, a former professional football player, is an Afro-American actor. His leading roles in the Good Times sitcom and the critically acclaimed Roots miniseries are best remembered. Amos has gained a strong reputation through numerous stints in different fields. Read all about the actor. Read more.

John Amos’s Age, Bio, Early Life

John A. Amos, Jr. was born on December 27, 1939 in Newark, New Jersey. It’s Annabelle’s son P. Amos, and John Amos Sr (an auto mechanic). He graduated from East Orange High School in 1958 and then studied at Long Beach City College, but later at Colorado State University with a degree in Sociology. He studied in New Jersey.

Amos was growing up as a sportsman and nurtured his hopes that he would someday become a football star. He played soccer at high school and college and became a professional athlete with the NFL after graduation. In 1964 he played the Broncos in Denver, then the chief of the town of Kansas. He was later left out of the squad because of injuries.

Though Amo continued to play soccer alongside some teams in the United States and in Canada, he did have a job at Vera Justice Institute in New York as a social worker. Amos has worked as a promotional writer before his acting career, performed standup comedy and a musical variant show, The Leslie Uggams Show, in Vancouver and Greenwich Village.


Amos started his career as an actor in 1970 in the series The Mary Tyler Moore show, playing Gordy Howard as a weatherman. His stage debut in the comedy Norman Is That You the next year? That won him a nomination for the Best Actor for the Los Angeles Drama Critics.

In 1972, he starred in Difficult to Get Help’s Broadway drama. In the hit sitcom Maude, he also played the part of James Evans. Amos’ breakthrough came on Norman Lear, the iconic 1974 Good Times sitcom, with his role of temperamental patriarch. After three seasons, however, after significant disagreements with the producers Amos left the hit series.

In 1977, Amos played his next part with the renowned Roots miniseries, which were adult Kunta Kinte. The Alex Haley novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family is the basis for the epical series that chronicled a young African person’s lives and hardships from slavery to independence. Roots have been a major success, breaking records for the audience and winning the Amos nomination for Primetime Emmy.

His film credits are Alcatraz, for example, The Whole Shocking Story (1980), American Flyers (1985). (1990). Among Amos’s outstanding performances on small and large screens are his role as Cleo McDowell in Coming To America’s comedy of 1988, Fred Wilkes’ guest appearance on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1994–2014), and the political drama The Western Wing of Admiral Percy Fitzwallace (1999-2006).

In 1994, in the short-lived Sitcom 704 Hauser, he was cast in another show as a Vietnam veteran Ernie Cumberbatch. In 1996 in the House he was awarded the NAACP Picture Award for outstanding supporters in a comedy series. Amos’ recurring role in the sitcom In the 2000s, his work included the character of Mayor Ethan Baker, The District (2000), the pilot Buzz in Men in Trees (2006-2008), and a recurring role in the Netflix series, The Ranch as Ed Bishop (2016).

How Much Does John Amos Earn?

John Amos has won himself good fortune with a career in the entertainment business for over four decades. While he was a football player for the first time, his main income is from his multifunctional presence on large and small screens. John Amos has an approximate net value of 3 million dollars.

Is John Amos Homosexual?

Although doubt has been raised about the sexuality of the actor John Amos, his dating and relationships indicate that he is directly involved. Amos had been married to Noel J. Mickelson before, but the marriage lasted 10 years (1965–1975). Two daughters, Shannon’s daughter, and KC’s son were brought up in the union. In 1978, Lillian Lehman was married, but after one year she ended up divorcing.

Is Amos Dead?

Internet death hoax was thought by John Amos. In 2016 the actor was killed by a heart attack, a piece of false news emerged. Nevertheless, both Amos and his manager denied the false viral reports, confirming that he is still alive and well.