Jordan Burch

Jordan Burch is an American footballer who’s been widely famous for being the 5 stars rated defensive end footballer in 2020 class of private school state leagues competing from Hammond High School in Columbia, S.C. He got wide attention after he committed to South Carolina, a state that annually produces top-ranked defensive linemen who hold the potential to develop into an all-league and All-American sort of player. Burch is now boasted in the top 20 of 247Sports’ in composite rankings. Burch’s rating is 0.9977, making him the second-highest rated recruit in Gamecocks history. He’s the No. 5 rated overall prospect in the 2020 class, and the No. 2 defensive end.

Jordan Burch is well-known for what he does.

Jordan Burch is best known for being the top-rated defensive end football player in the 2020 class of private school state leagues, representing Hammond High School in Columbia, South Carolina. Burch’s 9 out of 10 like rating in every aspect of physical ability and expertise in his games in 2019 has piqued the interest of large crowds and major football clubs.

Jordan Burch was born in the United States.

Jordan Burch is a native of Columbia, South Carolina, USA, but his birthplace and parents are unknown and are currently being investigated. His sibling’s records, faith, horoscope, and other details are still being reviewed. He is currently a football player for Hammond High School in Columbia, South Carolina. He is now eighteen years old.

Where did Jordan Burch make his commitment?

Jordan Burch, a five-star defensive end from Hammond High School, announced his commitment to South Carolina on ESPNU at “2 p.m. hour” on December 18, 2019. Burch has now decided to attend South Carolina State University. Other top colleges such as Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and LSU, as well as a few local programs, had offered him scholarships. Burch had previously stated on Twitter that he would announce his college on December 19, 2019. However, he changed his commitment date, which was revealed after he revealed his announcement date on Twitter ahead of his pre-determined signing period on December 16, 2019.

Jordan Burch began his football career when he was 15 years old.

Burch began playing in private school leagues when he was a freshman at Hammond High School in Columbia, South Carolina. From 2017 to the present, he was a member of the school’s football team, Boys Varsity Football. He is also a basketball player who participates in his school’s basketball team. He began his football career by playing in a game at Ben Lippen School, and then moved on to Orangeburg Prep High School. In the years that followed, he advanced consistently and was able to participate in over 50 school league competitions. After his big game, Hammond vs PAC Game Highlights, on Dec. 4, 2019, he gained a lot of attention.

Last season, he racked up 62 tackles and 10 sacks as a junior. This season, he has nearly 20 sacks on his resume. In 2019, he has vowed to play football for South Carolina, one of the last championship-winning states. Burch has established himself as a five-star defensive end in the 2020 football class.

Jordan Burch has a girlfriend, so who is she?

As of now, there is no detail about his personal life. Jordan is now a five-star footballer with the ability to play on major platforms such as the NFL. He is currently concentrating on his work, and there does not seem to be anyone in his life with whom he might form a romantic bond.

Jordan Burch’s net worth is unknown.

Jordan Burch, a five-star defensive end for Columbia (S.C.) Hammond High School, has yet to reveal his current net worth, which is also being investigated. In the same way, his annual salary is unknown. He has been playing football since 2017 and has developed a strong reputation in the sport. As a result, he must be well compensated. Since he is currently playing in school state leagues and has not yet made his debut in a major league such as the NFL, his total net worth may not be in the millions just yet, but given his success in such metrics, we should expect him to make millions in the near future.

Jordan Burch’s height is unknown.

Burch, the first five-star footballer in the 2020 batch, stands a towering 6 feet and 6 inches tall. He is a huge man who weighs about 275 pounds. He has a broad square-shouldered and well-proportioned athletic build with a solid foundation to characterize his body. He’s like an all-time winner in South Carolina’s private school leagues, having claimed a state championship every season. His other physical characteristics, such as his appearance, dress size, and shoe size, are currently being examined. He identifies as a straight man.

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