Jordyn Woods gets an expensive car as Christmas gift from her boyfriend, Karl-Anthony Towns

Jordyn Woods, 24 is super happy. Her boyfriend, Karl-Anthony Towns gifted her a brand new luxury car worth $150k. She shared the pic and details of her Christmas gift with her Instagram fans.

Jordyn Woods and her Christmas gifts

It was an expensive gift from her boyfriend about which reality TV star, Jordyn Woods wanted the world to know about. It was a $150k worth brand new Porsche Taycan car that her beau, Karl-Anthony Towns presented to her for Christmas. Jordyn shared the news on her Instagram for her fans with a photo of herself sitting on the bonnet of the brown luxury car.

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods and her new Christmas gift (Source: Instagram)

In the photo of the car that Jordyn shared, it can be seen that the car had a white bow on the top. The star was sitting on the bonnet in her Christmas pajamas. She had also worn a Louis Vuitton jacket that probably Karl-Anthony gifted her. She put the caption to the post:

“WTF!! I thought last night was enough and then I woke up to this!!”

She added:

“My forever Santa!! I love you! I’m speechless! You never fail to make me feel like a queen!”

She continued:

WTF THE BROWN we talked about!?!? With the rose gold too!?!?”

“I’m so sad this is the second year in a row that Covid prevented us from being together on Christmas, but your presence was felt.”

Reaction of Jordyn’s fans on social media

Jordyn’s fans were excited and happy for her. They are relieved that she is out of Tristan issue and has moved on well with a good boyfriend. One fan commented:

“That man is in love with you girl,”

Another fan wrote:

Karl showed tf out.”

And another one remarked:

“Get married already!”

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods with her new gift for Christmas (Source: Instagram)

Jordyn has been uploading some hot pics of her without the glam. She looked pretty even without the makeup in the pics. She was lying down in a bra with her head resting on a pillow. Her hair were wavy and she was makeup free. She blinked to the camera as it panned her face up and down.

Earlier, she posed in a white mini dress with strapy stiletto heels in red color. A cardigan hung loosely on her shoulders and in the background was the yellow sunset. She captioned this series of photos:

My presence is a present.”

She got great comments for this post too from her fans.

Jordyn and her scandal with the Kardashians

Jordyn was the best friend of Kylie Jenner. But after she kissed Khloe Kardashian’s then boyfriend, Tristan Thompson and made out with him, it became a scandal and she was pushed out of the family circle. She lost her modeling job with the family business and her joint cosmetic projects with them as well. Tristan is again involved in a cheating scandal wherein a woman claims that the unborn child belongs to Tristan.

Jordyn Woods
Tristan Thompson, Khloe, and Jordyn Woods (Source: US magazine)

Jordyn’s new beau is 26 and a basketball player with the Minnesota Timberwolves. They are dating for over a year now. They celebrated their one-year anniversary in May 2021. Their relationship is strong and survived a cheating rumor in March 2021. Jordyn had posted:

My relationship is more than solid and I put that on everything.”

Short bio on Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods is an American social media star and a model who started to come to limelight because of her friendship with the youngest Kardashian-Jenner family member, Kylie Jenner. As a model, she has worked with a famous fashion brand like Wilhelmina International and also runs her self-titled channel on YouTube. More bio…