Josie Canseco: What is her relationship status? Is she dating Logan Paul, Bryce Hall or none of them?

Josie Canseco, daughter of basketball star, Jose Canseco and YouTuber Logan Paul were dating in early 2020. But the split soon after. They were again spotted together in January 2021. In between, it was said that she is in a romantic relationship with Bryce Hall. What is her relationship status now? Is she single? Is she dating Logan Paul or Bryce Hall?

Josie Canseco and Logan Paul; their dating history

YouTuber Logan Paul and Jose Canseco’s daughter, Josie Canseco were a couple. They started dating in January 2020. An insider told TMZ at that time:

“Josie and Logan recently started dating, with things turning romantic after years of running in the same friend circles in Los Angeles.”

Josie Canseco
Logan and Josie Canseco (Source: The Things)

But in February 2020, reports emerged in popular media outlets that the two have broken up. Later, in December 2020, her father Jose told that the two have indeed split and it was a bad breakup. Logan came on Impaulsive and revealed that he split from Josie but it was not a bad separation. He added that when Jose called him out, Logan had tweeted:

“I love smashing Cansecos”

And Josie liked his tweet.

Was Josie with Bryce Hall?

Bryce and Josie were spotted hanging out together after her split from Logan. Hence their fans felt that the two are now dating. On 3 June 2020, Logan too hinted towards this dating on his Impaulsive episode 277 when he said:

“Mike and I broke up with our girlfriends. My ex started seeing a TikToker; Mike’s ex is pregnant, which is worse.”

Josie Canseco
Josie Canseco and Bryce (Source: Instagram)

Josie was upset with the rumors and denied them. She tweeted:

“I can’t believe I’m even addressing this, but guys, I’m reeeeaally not dating Bryce. at all. in any way. pls stop. how many times do I have to say I’m completely single. being friends w someone and being supportive and close to them IS NOT dating. end of story.”

Bryce retweeted Josie’s tweet and said:

“wait, we’re not dating?”

In another tweet, he wrote:

“dating/being friends is the same sh** tbh,”

She replied:

“imma get u.”

And then in January 2021, people see Josie and Logan together again at Mike Majlak’s birthday. Later Josie appeared on Between Good & Evil podcast and corrected that she and Logan split earlier since they did not see any future together. She added that they are friends, support each other now,and are figuring things out. The two are uncertain but remain amicable.

Josie and her career

Josie is an upcoming model. She already has signed up for famous brands. Since her age of 12 years, Josie was into dancing and learned the art. She was part of the web series Summerbreak 2. She has also been with her mother on the TV reality show The Mother-Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition. But she did not like reality TV and told Playboy:

“I didn’t learn anything surprising about myself because I didn’t want to be a reality star. I’m actually a weird, goofy, and friendly person. Giving in to drama simply isn’t me.”

Josie Canseco
Josie Canseco and Bryce. (Source: Instagram)

With Logan, she created YouTube contents. Earlier, she had dated Mike Stud and Brody Jenner.

Short bio on Josie Canseco

Josie Canseco is an American model and internet personality. More bio…