Julia Fox clarifies on her past relationship with Canadian rapper, Drake as she publicly romances Ye West!

American beauty, Julia Fox was rumored to be dating Drake. And then suddenly she was found to be in the arms of Ye West, the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian. People were shocked. But she defended her new relationship. And now Julia Fox also decided to come forward and clarify on her relationship with Drake. Was she dating him or not?

Julia Fox and her clarification on dating Drake

American actress, Julia Fox, 32 is now dating rapper Ye West who was the husband of American socialite,Kim Kardashian. She seems to be holding some string emotions for him. Prior to this she was rumored to be dating rapper Drake. Ye had a feud in the past with Canadian rapper Drake. Julia now came forward to clear doubts of her relationship with Drake.

Julia Fox
Julia, Ye, and Drake (Source: Hollywood Life)

On one of the episodes of her podcast Forbidden Fruits, Julia said:

Obviously when I first started speaking to Ye, like on the phone, I told [Drake], like, immediately, like I think on the first day before it went any further because I’m just an honest person, I guess,”

She went on to say:

Nothing really happened. We were just, like, friends hanging out….Yeah, like I wouldn’t say that we were dating,”

“He’s a great guy and a gentleman and that was it.”

Was Julia just friends with Drake?

Julia claims that she had nothing but plain friendship with Drake. She also added that that was two years back in 2020. She denied any dating history with Drake. Why is she trying to downplay her relationship with Drake? It is not very clear. But a source told Hollywood Life:

“Julia and Drake went out on several dates together. Kanye was aware and unbothered,”

Julia Fox
Actress Julia Fox and Ye (Source: The Guardian)

This implies that Drake and Julia were not just friends as she says but were something more than friends. Then why is she denying that relationship? It might be that the couple might not have been too serious. They might not have reached a stage in their relationship where they can put some label on it. Hence she tried to deny her dating Drake. But that is something of the past. We do know now that she has rapidly moved ahead in her love life with Ye now.

Julia and Ye: their current relationship

It has not been long before it came to light that Julia is madly in love with rapper Ye West. He has bestowed gifts on her and she is really happy to be with him. On another episode of her podcast, Julia had stated that she gets along with Ye well. She enjoys his company and they share similar vibes. She feels that it is because both are creative and she feels that he is a genius. Talking about their mutual friends, she revealed that they make a perfect couple and made sense together.

Julia Fox
Julia and Ye (Source: Hollywood Life)

They seem to be in sync. They wear matching attires to events. They wore similar outfits during the Paris Fashion Week. On one of the red carpets, they both were in head-to-toe denim. And on another occasion, they wore similar dresses made of leather. They also have not been shy of romancing in public. They did Lap dances together and shared french kisses. Is this overdoing only to make Kim jealous? Time will tell.