Who is Julian Corrie Broadus? Who is His Biological Father? All Details on his Age, Bio, Parents

Julian Corrie Broadus’s name became a city’s talk when he said he was the son of Calvin Cordozar Broadus, the renowned rapper, known popularly as Snoop Dogg. The argument about the reality of the story was later taken to a test of paternity that later demonstrated that Snoop was indeed the child’s parent. The rapper recognized Julian as his son to the best of our knowledge and took up the duties of his dad.

Julian, who now works at the University of California, has a strong relationship with music, much like his dad. The number of people who follow him has increased enormously since his paternity was revealed to an evidenced social media consumer. The disclosure also gave rise to a healthy dose of interest in the life of the youth as curiosity among fans of his father developed who want to know more about the child Laurie Holmond’s Snoop Dogg.

Who is Julian Corrie Broadus?

The internet was abuzz when news ran that Julian Corrie Broadus is the child of Snoop Dogg. If not, because Snoop declined to publicly recognize the child’s paternity. Only when the paternity test showed he was actually the father did it recognize Julian as his son.

Later, it was discovered that the child was the outgrowth of a relationship between the raper and a woman called Laurie Holmond. Julian grew up with little father experience and was only brought up by his mother. He lived a private life since he was born but became the focus of attention in 2008 when it became clear that he was the son of the popular rapper.


Julian Corrie Broadus’s Relationship With his Biological Father, Snoop Dogg

The legendary rapper has recently learned of the presence of the stranged kid, which is somewhat unbelievable when you realize how easily someone of importance can trap so-called family members to crawl out of the woodwork with trick-worthy acts to assert family connections.

However, it is understood that the conception of Julian Corrie Broadus is surely related to the so-called doggedness of the rapper.

After his marriage to Shante Broadus, Snoop was seemingly knocked down by Laurie Holmond, his former high school mate. The rapper was distracted according to Holmond because he learned she was pregnant. His wife Shante Broadus was nervous about breaking the story.

How Was Julian Corrie Broadus Born and Raised?

However, after Julian was born, after it became clear that his blood flows through the boy’s veins, the musician assumed his dues as an individual. The Mom of Julian said that before he consented to help the child she had to take Snoop to court to determine paternity.

The popular rapper Julian Corrie Broadus, who always wanted to feel his dad’s affection, didn’t get to know about his true dad by the age of nine. The young man has always voiced his desire for a father and is not pleased with the whole situation. Indeed he wrote an open letter complaining about Snoop’s odd relationship.

According to the young person, life is very difficult if you do not profit from the guidance of a parent. Julian went on to say that becoming a son of a rapper is an enormous part of his life that cannot be denied but that Snoop is very boring.

But the young man in the latest interview admitted that his mind is not as heavy as it used to be but by the loneliness that he is almost a grown man. He then admitted he is thankful to his mother for doing what he is today, even though he doesn’t see either of his parents’ eye to eye.

Julian Corrie Broadus, like his iconic father, also revealed his love of poetry and his intentions of playing music. He said he was driving his musical skills down, not like Snoop, but he stopped fighting them in the course of time, understanding perfectly well that music was his life’s real affair. He never felt better or more excited about anything since then.

Julian Corrie Broadus’s discovery has altered the relationship between Snoop and his wife.

Snoop Dogg has not attempted to conceal his wife’s serial adultery habits according to the news. Having so badly felt that it participates in Sex Clubs, it even pursued divorce in 2004.

However, his wife, who felt she could manage her, stopped the rapper’s divorce movements. But Julian was the last straw in which the couple took actions that changed their lives when they were the second time when Snoop tried to file for divorce.

The couple that has three children at present; Sons Corde and Cordell and Cori, a daughter, are said to be married yet, but live separately, and appear only publicly in the couple’s capacity when it is requested.

Snoop and his wife decided to not attempt to initiate or sustain an intimate relationship with the boy but only be allowed to pay child support with regard to his illegitimate child.

Julian Corrie Broadus Wants to be Musician Like His Father

Julian Corrie Broadus chose to walk in the footsteps of his father and is performing as a recording artist on the way to the top.

While his father is a renowned rapper, RnB and Pop seem to depend on his son’s style of music. Many believe that he is as reputed in the music industry as his father is, with his small efforts shared on his social media accounts, the emerging musician already has great attention.

Julian Corrie Broadus is currently a university student in California where he graduated with his passion for being a musician. The young lad seems determined to do it on his own without his popular dad’s support because he does not want people to attribute to Snoop his eventual success.